Hi there, i'm a 17 year old girl from the south of Dorset, interested in beauty, art and all things pretty! I know what you're thinking, what makes me any different from the rest of all the bloggers? Well, to be perfectly honest nothing, except for the fact that this is what i enjoy and i promise to give you honest opinions about all the things featured on my blog! Ill aim to post at least twice a week, on a Monday and a Friday, but may be more if I'm feeling up to the challenge.

I started blogging as a creative outlet. Ive been reading beauty blogs for a long time now but i never really had the nerve to try it myself until recently. I used to, and still occasionally post on my art blog but there was a lot less competition over there and my followers just kept growing and i felt like people were only following me because there was no one else. Here i have the satisfaction that the people who follow me actually are interested in what i post because there is so much competition out there. Its such a rewarding feeling knowing how many of you read and enjoy my posts! 

Although my blog is Anya May Beauty the post won't necessarily all be to do with beauty products and looks, just more whatever i feel like writing and posting about, but don't worry i won't start completely changing my theme! 

Im so thankful for every single one of you looks at my blog and i hope you enjoy what you see! 

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