2 April 2014

Stay Pout Lipsticks by Seventeen

I don't wear a lot of lipstick but this year I've decided I'm going to start and with the release of all the gorgeous matte and lacquer balms, what better time? Before venturing into the realms of expensive makeup i thought i'd get something a little less expensive in a range of colours so i could see how i coped. I saw these gorgeously packaged lipsticks from Seventeen and knew i had to have them straight away.

Lately I've been loving all things Seventeen and when i saw these i knew they would be no exception. They come in a gorgeous black case with a matte//glossy design on it which feels a lot more expensive than it is. The bullet is a little smaller than your average lipstick but thats not too much of an issue for me.

As you can see in the swatches above Make An Entrance and Rule Breaker are both incredibly pigmented, Kiss Me Quick requires a little extra work to build up but still produces a lovely colour. They all look really lovely on the lips but only last around 2 hours before they settle at the edges of your lips. A little annoying if you can't keep topping it up every now and again but not too much of a problem. They do claim to be kiss proof but i don't believe this is true. 

Overall these are really lovely, affordable lipsticks with a good range of colours, they don't last that long on your lips but do produce a lovely colour while they're there. Make An Entrance is my favourite of the trio and i will definitely be purchasing more in the future! 


  1. woAH make an entrance looks amazing, and you certainly would turn a few heads with that lipstick on!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. Make An Entrance is certainly something! That swatch is gorgeous, I've been after an electric orange/red colour, I was gonna go for MAC's Danger, but this is certainly a cheaper option to try out! x

    Holly / Faceldn.com

    1. I love mac lipsticks but when trying new or bold colour i always go for a cheaper option first before splurging a bit on mac x