30 March 2014

Ted Baker - A Girls Best Friend!

They say diamonds are a girls best friend but i tend to disagree with this statement, I think Ted Baker definitely a girls best friend. From their gorgeous bags and clothing to their beauty gift sets theres certainly something to suit everyone. With Mothers Day fast approaching i headed out to find my Mum the perfect gift set. My mum has her birthday in early March and with the two events between paydays I don't splurge as much on Mother's Day as i do for her birthday but when i saw this in Boots i knew it would be perfect. 

The packaging on this is absolutely gorgeous, it's all floral and pink and definitely something i want to keep for myself, it all feels of a premium quality too considering it tiny price tag. I haven't used any of these as obviously they're for my Mum, but they all smell gorgeous! They have a floral, fruity smell but its isn't too overpowering and is very wearable for everyday use! I think this is such a gorgeous gift set which is perfect for any occasion, and would even be lovely to put on your own wish list! 

What have you all got your Mums for Mother's Day? 

28 March 2014

Jack The Rippler - Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics is probably my favourite place to go for beautiful smelling bath stuff. Forget Lush, this is definitely where its at, they all smell so good and their prices are amazing. I think Bomb are incredibly underrated and deserve some more appreciation so here i am to give them some.

I bought a few things when i went in the other day, but as only these two were for myself i didn't photograph the others and thought id only talk about these. Before i even get into the post i just want to say that these smell amazing. They've been sitting in my room for a while now and the aroma is just heavenly, i almost didnt want to use them they smelled that good, but I'm glad i did. 

The first thing i bought was the Jack The Rippler Soap for £2.49. I was immediately drawn to this because of the colour, who can resist pink soap? It goes so perfectly with all my other soap and glory products too. After picking it up and smelling it i was hooked. It has such a strong, tangy, berry fruity, pink lemonade-esque scent to it and its gorgeous. It gets even better though because its even stronger and sweeter out of the packaging, and using it is just a dream. Unlike a lot of other soaps its doesn't just melt away in a couple of uses and i still have other three quarters of the bar left. Its not particularly drying or hydrating either, but it leaves my hands feeling incredibly clean and smelling gorgeous. The coconut around the edge is good too as it adds and exfoliating element too the soap. 

The oner thing i bought was the 101 Hydrations Cocoa Swirl for £2.99. Ill admit, i was again drawn in by the packaging and the fact it looked like a cupcake. It also has a very sweet berry smell to it too and i just couldn't resist. Unlike regular bath bombs this can be used multiple times by dropping it in the bath, allowing part of it to fizz, and then removing it for another time. I managed to get three uses out of this which made it such a bargain! It gave my bath such a lovely scent and left my skin feeling so soft and silky and i would definitely purchase it again. 

Overall i really love both of these products, they smell so fruity and sweet and add a really lovely touch of summer to a bath. I really can't fault either of these product, they work so well and smell so lovely and are such a bargain too. Im definitely going to be purchasing some more of these products in the future! Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics? What did you think? Hope you're all having lovely days! 

26 March 2014

Blogging Motivation

I think everybody gets to the point in blogging where they don't really know what they're doing or why they're doing it, and I've reached that point just now. Of course I enjoy blogging and everything, surely that should be reason enough to keep doing it but without much growth or readership i feel like writing can be a little pointless sometimes. Every post i write seems to be dull and boring and my photographs seem to show that too. So what have i done about it? 

My blog has had a complete makeover and I'm in love. It finally feels like a finished, more professional blog that isn't as clinical as in my theme above. Its pink, girly and pretty much just an extension of myself which i love! If any of you went on my blog while i was remodelling it then I'm sorry, it took me a while and was and incredible mess but I'm happy with how it is now. 

Im setting myself a challenge of posting more frequently. Currently i only post twice a week but i feel like that isn't really doing a lot, i write up my posts at the beginning of the month and then spend the rest of it wondering what to do with my time. Well not anymore! Im going to try do more varied posts and a lot more of them, and hopefully bring back the fun into blogging! 

Have you guys ever felt like this? What did you do to overcome it? Hope you're all having lovely days! 

24 March 2014

Two Timing 'Matte Nails'

I don't venture into the realms of Topshop nail polishes very often because in previous experiences I've found they're not worth the price tag and there are many other more reliable drugstore brands for a lower price. That being said, when i popped into Topshop the other day with my friend and i saw this shade i simply couldn't resist. I paid £9 for a matte top coat before, so £6 for a matte nail polish can't be that bad right?

I really love the bottle for this.
A fairly thin but workable brush.
cold hands eek!
it really doesn't look very matte..
I chose this colour because I'm all about orange right now, from the lipstick to nails its just a must have for me and this is certainly no exception. Its a bright, vibrant orange, quite easily comparable to the rail workers high visibility clothing.. probably not the best comparison Anya. Its certainly eye-catching and I've had compliments all day while wearing it. Although the colour payoff is very bright, its not something to be feared, just worked with and worn with confidence.

The formula of this is fairly thing and the first coat is very streaky, but dries incredibly fast so adding another coat isn't really too much of a time waster. I found you get the best, most opaque look with three coats, but this does compromise drying time considerably and doesn't quite give you the matte effect you see on the first coat.

I wouldn't say this is the most matte nail polish I've ever tried, it has more of a waxy finish but it still more pleasant than some of the other matte polishes I've tried. If you want something thats semi matte, but not completely then id definitely go for this as it does have a lovely finish.

Overall, i do really like this polish, but i don't think that the £6 price tag is really justified. Its not a huge amount to pay though, but just don't expect this to be as matte as many other brands are releasing. I do love the colour and its so easy to apply and i will definitely be using this polish again more towards spring and summer as its such a vibrant polish!

Have you tried any of the Topshop Matte Nails polishes? What did you think of them? Id love to know!

21 March 2014

LUSH Sea Spray Hair Mist Review

Every time I post about a LUSH product i do the whole introduction on how I'm not a huge fan of their products and only really go in there on a whim, but I'm starting to find myself in there more and more often and i think i may be becoming a bit of a Lushie? I guess smelling amazing isn't really a bad thing though. 

Anyway, today I'm going to be talking about Lush's Sea Spray Hair Mist as its truly worked wonders on my hair. You get 100g of product and it costs £9.95 for this little bottle. Its a teeny bit expensive but its one of the best products I've ever used on my hair. You see, I'm the type of girl who once her hair dries its bigger than an afro and just ends up getting bunged up into a ponytail or messy bun, but with this, a quick few sprays and I'm ready to go. 

The bottle for this is just a standard black plastic bottle with a spray applicator and a little plastic cap. Its a fairly handy size and would be good for either carrying around in a bag or just leaving on your dresser. Once you spray this, you immediately notice the smell, while its not unpleasant it definitely does remind you of sea salt and seaweed, take from that what you will but i quite like it.

To use this i generally blow dry my hair till it's mostly dry and then spray it evenly all over my hair and allow it to air dry. I occasionally use it on completely dry hair but i find it looks better without. This spray leaves my hair looking tamed but with a slightly more edgy/rough look to it. Think Ivy from 90210. If i spray it too close to the hair it does go a little clumpy and crunchy, but thats more my fault than the products. Overall it leaves me with a fresh, edgy, effortless hairstyle which only takes a few minutes to do. 

I really do love this product and have already used up half the bottle in the short amount of time i have owned it, i love it that much! It is similar to other texturising sprays but this one wins hands down and i will be repurchasing this again. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and i cannot fault it! 

Have you ever tried this or any other texturising sprays? What did you think? Hope you've all been enjoying the lovely sunny weather! 

17 March 2014


It happened, again. I went out for a trip to town with my friend to get my mum a birthday present and I ended spending a little more than intended on myself. Its not even been that long since i did a haul post which had rather a lot in either, so i don't really have any excuse for this. Im not sorry though.

Lately I've been an absolute sucker for all things jewellery related and when i saw this set of three midi rings in Primark for only £1.50 i had to pick them up. They all have such pretty designs and don't look 'cheap' like some other Primark jewellery can. They fit so snugly on the fingers too so you don't have to worry about one of them coming off. Unlike other rings I've have tried, these haven't left the green residue on my fingers which you tend to get with cheaper jewellery, result!

I next popped into Topshop and found this gorgeous ring for £7.50. It was a little more expensive than the others i bought, but it definitely doesn't feel cheap and is well worth the price. I wear it either on my middle finger or my thumb and it compliments the other rings i bought beautifully.

The second thing i bought in Topshop was the Matte Nails Nail Polish in Two Timing for £6.00. I absolutely fell in love with the colour and thought it would be perfect for spring and summer so the price didn't really bother me. So excited to use this!

I next ventured into Boots and if you don't know, I'm not sure how you wouldn't know, they have the massive 3 for 2 sale on. I definitely seized this opportunity and picked pick up 3 of Seventeens Stay Pout Lipsticks. I chose a pink, and orange and a berry colour so i would have a range of things to try from them. I bought this in 'Kiss Me Quick', 'Make An Entrance' and 'Rule Breaker' and they were £4.49 each.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this and have you tried any of these products? I'd love to know. Hope you're all having lovely days! 

14 March 2014

A Day Out In London

I recently took a trip to London to take photographs as part of my art project and i thought it would be interesting to do a kind of  'Lifestyle-y' post that i could share with you all on here! We were so lucky with the weather as it was really bright and sunny, i just wish we could've stayed longer! I haven't heavily edited the photos yet as they'd have too larger file sizes to share on here, so apologies for any wonky, awkward photos.  Hope you enjoy some snippets of my day out! 

My day more or less started at Waterloo and following the giant landmarks, hoping we'd be able to find somewhere to eat as stupidly neither of us had eater much before we got the train. We went past the London Eye, not enough time to go on it unfortunately, and headed towards the houses of Parliament. The amount of people was amazing and i felt a little 'lost' amongst the crowds.

After wondering around a bit like headless chickens, not knowing where we were we luckily found a Subway and got food. Cue feeling like a human again! We walked rather determinedly down to Covent Gardens and after getting lost many times through all of the alleys, we managed to do a bit of shopping and i got a few lovely photos. We saw so many high end shops though and i wanted to buy everything in all of them, why am i not rich?! I only settled for a few thing from Topshop and Urban Outfitters which i am thoroughly happy with. 

We had dinner in TGI Fridays and both got Jack Daniels Burgers, they were so good, I do love me a bit of Jack Daniels sauce. Whilst we were waiting though, my friend ordered a cocktail, and i ordered one of their 'mocktails' as I'm only 16.. no ID later, a very alcohol ridden drink and i was not a happy bunny. I dont even like the taste of alcohol so it was pretty much all drank by my friend who is 18, disappointing! You can't go out for a meal without a dessert though, right?! I got the popcorn and brownie sundae, and my friend go the cookies and cream sundae. They were both so heavenly and delightful, you've redeemed yourself TGI's.

We pretty much just went back to the train station then, with a few stops for photos along the way and we got out trains home. It was such a lovely day and i can't wait to go back to London for a huge shopping spree after my birthday! The shops there are to die for! Anyway, i hope you've enjoyed this little post, hope you're all having lovely days!  

10 March 2014

Popcorn Lip Scrub REVIEW

Im late on the bandwagon with this, i know, but it truly does deserve to have its own review on my blog  even if i am the last person to do so. I rarely ever venture into LUSH due to the overpowering smell but after finally finding someone who would join me in there we had a little mooch around and found this little gem. Cue the Popcorn Lip Scrub.

I didnt notice this product straight away due to the teeny packaging and being tucked right away into the corner of the shop, but I'm glad i did because its quickly become one of my most coveted items. It comes in a small glass jar with a plastic lid and it such a useful size to keep in either a bag pocket or just your makeup bag.

It comes with 25g of product, and has the flavour of salted caramel. I chose this one over the bubblegum as i found that had a very sickly sweet scent but this one was just right. You only need to apply a little bit to the lips to gain the desired effect so the product will last a long time, plus you get to eat it after too.

I really like this product because through the winter month my lips have been left really dry and cracked, and rather than biting at the bits of dead skin i use this instead and its left them feeling a lot nicer and less sore within only a few uses. The texture of this is a bit weird to get used to, and i do get some funny looks if i use this in public, but it truly is brilliant for your lips. I pair it with a Nivea Lip Butter (review) and have soft lips for the rest of the day. 

This is a really great product and is well worth the hype, have you tried any lips scrubs before? What did you think? Id love to know! Hope you've all been having lovely days!

7 March 2014

A Failed Glitter Ombre.. NOTD #4

We've just about gotten far enough away from December for glitter nails to start becoming acceptable again without people thinking you've been left in the party season, so i seized this opportunity and tried my hand at my favourite glitter ombre! It didnt work as well as normal, maybe i need more practice.

This is such a simple and easy manicure to do and suits any event. I wore this for a few days at college and had nothing but compliments. The dark nails really help when you do art as well as it hides all of the pain splatters and leaves you with what looks like a perfect looking manicure even at the end of the day!

I started this by using Sally Hansens Hard As Nails as a basecoat, followed by two layers of Barry M's Nail Polish in Black. I then used a limited edition pink glitter by Barry M (similar) and applied it in an ombre effect. I learned how to do this from various tutorials on youtube and i think it has such a lovely effect that everyone can learn to do! 

Have you tried glitter ombre nails before? What did you think of them and how did they turn out?