30 June 2014

A Trip To The Med - NOTD #5

If you haven't seen my review of this nail polish here then i suggest you go check it out as it's such a lovely polish. Trying to capture all the afferent colours in a photograph without throwing the rest of the image out was so difficult and i still don't think they express how truly gorgeous the colour is! 

Since we've been having lots of sun lately I've been straying away from the pastel nail shades and heading more towards bright summery colours and these gorgeous duo chrome offerings from Barry M. The shade pictured is Mediterranean and just makes me think of sitting on the beach watching the sun set, being able to carry that image around on my nails with me is just perfect and brightens up my day instantly when i see my nails!

26 June 2014

The CC Cream to top them all?!

I can remember the exact moment i decided i wanted this CC Cream, i was strolling down the aisles of boots and for the first time i noticed the Bourjois stand properly and was instantly drawn to the 123 Perfect CC Cream. I have a love hate relationship with base makeup and know instantly after a few uses whether something will be right for me or not and this is possibly my favourite thing yet. 

123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream // Bourjois // £9.99

Now let me start by saying the photo above is of me wearing the CC cream with no other makeup at all, i have naturally very pink and dry skin and it has toned it all down completely as you can see. I absolutely adore this cc cream, it works as a fabulous base for everyday makeup and works well when coupled with a foundation or a powder. 

This has a really runny texture and is more like a liquid than a cream but this just means that it's so easy to blend and spread over the whole of the face. It dries to a really lovely matte finish but i still go over this with a powder because its just what I'm used to. It has low - medium coverage but is definitely build able however with a cc cream you don't really want layers caked on so i just couple it with a concealer under my eyes and around my nose for a more finished look. 

I use this on days out to the beach and town as it has SPF 15 and is better than wearing nothing, it also seems to cope quite well when its sunny and doesn't slip at all even after wearing it all day. Have you tried any CC Creams yet? Which was your favourite and why? I'd love to try some more!

20 June 2014

JLo's Nude by L'Oreal

I feel like i haven’t blogged in forever but oh well. Im back now and I’ve got more post ideas than ever before! I was on holiday last week in Turkey hence the late upload but the week before i had a job interview and i was looking for the perfect nude lipstick to wear for it, cue J Lo’s Nude by L’Oreal. I picked this up on my latest shopping spree in London, and although its a little more expensive than most drugstore lipsticks its definitely worth the price. Also, apologies for the greyish photos, i don't know whats up with them but i can't get them any whiter? 

JLo's Nude // L'Oreal // Boots // £9.99

The packaging of this is so luxurious and doesn't feel at all like a £9.99 lipstick, the gold detailing of the signature and the band around the middle just give it just a nice, more expensive looking finish. It doesn't stop there though, L'Oreal have even engraved their brand name onto the lipstick similarly to those found on higher end brands! It's not particularly useful but it sure does look good. The packaging is sturdy and the lid clicks on so won't be falling off in your handbag anytime soon, the only thing i have notice though is that when applying the lipstick the bullet move a little in it's casing and as a result its scratched the bullet, if that makes sense. It's not a horrible thing to happen, its just something I've not experienced before and isn't that pleasant to look at. 

When applying if i don't use a sugar scrub on my lips before i find its clings to and accentuates dry patches, but this really is an easy fix with a bit of exfoliation and a moisturising lip balm. This is such a subtle pinkish/brown baed nude and looks so flattering on the skin and its so close to my natural lips that i feel comfortable enough to wear it on a day to day basis, whereas some of my other nudes are a little more noticeable. It has such a creamy formula and applies like a dream and applies to a semi matte finish. Im going to be honest though, this doesn't have the most pleasant scent or taste to it but after a little bit of wear you get used to this and it's barely noticeable, just not particularly nice in the beginning. 

Im very fussy with the types of lipsticks i like but this is a complete winner for me and i definitely want to try more of the Collection Privee lipsticks by L'Oreal as I'm so pleased with this one. Whats your favourite dad to day nude lipstick? 

17 June 2014

The Summer Shoe Edit

I know how frustrating it is with all these ‘edit’ posts flying around but i simply had no idea what else to name it so there you go. Its only just beginning to be summer but throughout the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself reaching for a few pairs of shoes more than any others and i thought id share them with you. I also apologise, i haven’t posted in a while due to college commitments, working and also being on holiday in Turkey for the past two weeks but now I’m off for summer so I’m definitely going to get my posting more regular. Hope you enjoy this post, its a little different from what i normally do but its been so fun to put together!

 Cream Lace Flats // Primark // £6
Frieda Lace Up Shoes // Topshop // £26
Tan Sandals // Primark // £6

I live in ankle boots through pretty much the whole of the autumn, winter and spring months so when it comes to summer i end up splurging on loads of pairs of summer shoes that i have something for every type of weather so that i can save my boots for the winter. These are the three pairs of shoes that i find myself constantly reaching for, they're all so wearable and each can style up or down and outfit in their own little ways. 

The first pair of shoes i found was this pair of cream espadrille/toms style shoe with this really gorgeous lace over it. I don't normally go for Primark shoes as i find they never really fit properly and can be quite uncomfortable and hard to wear but these are the complete opposite, once they loosened up after about 2 hours of wearing they're possibly one of the comfiest pair of flats I've ever worn. They're such a dainty pair of shoes as well that they go with almost every outfit I've tried, from shorts and a cami, to maxi dresses it works with them all. 

I bought the next pair on a recent shopping trip in Westfields. The Frieda Lace Up shoes from Topshop are possibly the most gorgeous pair of shoes I've ever laid my eyes on and i had to have them as soon as i saw them. The sizing of them is a little funny, I'm normally a 5 and a half but the 5 fits me perfectly with room at the end although I've heard other people say different. The gold detailing around the eyelets and at the front of the shoes just gives the most luxurious touch to them and makes them look a lot more expensive than they actually are. The fabric on this shoe is so subtle with the pattern and its just a really lovely classy pair of shoes in general, wearing these with sone ankle grazers or skinny jeans would look gorgeous, although i think they might be a bit difficult to keep clean! 

The last pair was again bought in Primark with the first pair. Im not a huge fan of flip flops as i dont like feet and feel like they leave too much exposed and dont give you enough support. I have however been loving sliders lately and thought these would be nice as they have a similar concept to sliders but with a slightly more complex form. The colour of them is absolutely gorgeous, they're such a vibrant browny/reddish colour and dont look like they're going to fade or go patchy like some can. Although the ankle strap doesnt go as tight as id like for just wondering down to the beach or sitting in town for the day these shoes are absolutely perfect, they fit my feet so well and as so comfy. Either Primark has stepped up their game or i just got incredibly lucky.

Other than Converse which I'm pretty sure everybody has a pair for summer these are my three favourite pairs of shoes at the moment. What your favourite type of shoe to wear for summer?