30 September 2014

Autumn/Winter Fashion Staples | week 6 | #teenblogseries

As part of this weeks #teenblogseries we're supposed to write about out Autumn fashion staples but as Autumn and Winter just seem to merge into one for me i thought id write about the both of them. That being said, all of the pieces are pretty versatile and could be worn pretty much whenever, I've chosen my autumn and winter picks from the high street and i hope you all enjoy reading! 

Patterned Knit Jumper | As the colder weather rolls around so do all the knitted jumpers, and i absolutely love this addition from H&M. Ive tried it on in store a few times now and its so comfy and i love the colour of it, I'm just debating whether i can keep a cream jumper clean! I love the pattern on this jumper i think its so subtle yet chic and its such a great price too. 

Knit Tube Scarf | Autumn isn't complete without shopping for a few winter accessories, and this knitted tube scaf, or snood as i know them, looks so light and comfy and really just the perfect addition. The pattern on it makes it slightly lighter than a normal snood so with the weather being slightly warmer, its thin enough to not to overheat you but is perfect for those chilly mornings. 

Longline Duster Jacket | Oh how i have fallen in love with this duster jacket, its so comfy and the perfect weight for autumn without feeling too heavy like a coat. The pattern on this is so easy to pair with anything and its really just such a lovely, lightweight jacket to have.

Aubergine Leigh Jeans | Im not entirely sure why but this colour just screams 'Autumn' to me and these jeans just seem perfect. A comfy pair of jeans is a must in winter and the pairing of this colour with some Leighs' just make them a must have. 

Tweedy Rib Cardigan | I have seen these grey cardigans about everywhere lately, and they look like such a comfy, slouchy cardigan perfect for everyday wear and at college. I love the fact its like a grey marl glen instead of just a plain grey as it adds a little extra to the cardigan and just makes it so versatile.

Black Check Flock Leggings | I've wanted a pair of checked leggings for a while now but everything seems to be slightly too bright or too bold for my taste, that was until i saw these. In real life the look gorgeous and the check pattern is so subtle yet noticeable and look really flattering on. 

Black Disco Leggings | Disco Pants without the price tag? Yes please. These are possibly the best disco pants I've tried, but they're matte! Im not sure if they really count as disco pants as they're not shiny but yeah, they're great and perfect for days when you just can't be bothered and you need something to spice up your outfit a bit. 

Pink Fluffy Beanie | How cute is this beanie though? I wish i was blonde as it would just look perfect. I love beanies and have a stellar collection of which i wish to grow!

Pink Faux Fur Headband | I normally just go for a fleece headband as I'm down the yard a lot and fluffy ones tend to get in the way but this was just too perfect to resist. I love headbands as they keep your ears warm but you don't overheat as the top of your head is still free to breathe.. I also love headbands as you can wear your hair up with them without looking like a man!

Structured Shoulder Bag | Every autumn i get a new bag and this was my most recent addition, its the perfect size, its structured and lightweight and just adds a lovely element to an outfit. I especially love the gold detailing as it just makes it look so chic and a lot more expensive than it actually is.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my autumn picks, what are you all most excited for this autumn? Mine definitely has to be all the new nail polish colours coming out! 

22 September 2014

skincare | week 5 | #teenblogseries

So i completely forgot how stressful college was and as a result i didn't manage to get last weeks #teenblogseries post up, however i am back and i have managed to do this weeks post! Its all about our skincare routine and I've got to be honest, i don't really use much on my face because i have quite oily skin and i find using too many product just upsets my skin. These are the products i use and altho I'm not really going to do this as a skincare routine (lets face it, i don't have one) I'm just going to give a few mini reviews on the product i use: pictured above.

Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser | This is a really light, gentle moisturiser that i like to apply before bed, just after the shower or whenever i feel like my skin is a little tight. Its unscented which is perfect and this sinks in so nicely, it doesn't just sit on the skin like a lot of cheaper moisturisers tend to do. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | I think this might be the most raved about product in the blogosphere, but it is so highly deserved. This is possibly one of the best drugstore micellar waters I've tried and it really does leave the skin feeling clean and fresh. 

Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean Purifying Cleanser | Soap & Glory are possibly my favourite brand ever and this really doesn't disappoint. You just rub this into your skin and wash it off, and it removes all traces of makeup and dirt without over cleaning the skin and leaving it too dry. The smell of this is also amazing, it's such a sweet peach scent but it's not at all overpowering. 

Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life | I primarily use this as a body exfoliator but once a week i use this on my face as its so gentle but really get all the dead skin cells off. It doesn't leave my skin looking bright red or sore like a lot of exfoliators do and its also got such an amazing smell, the typical Soap & Glory one we all know and love.

Well i hope you've enjoyed this post! I promise to get the rest of them up on time as well.. maybe ill do last weeks at the end as a consolation. Let me know what you think! 

15 September 2014

Miracle Matte Powder | Seventeen

Rimmel London have been my go to brand for pressed powder ever since i can remember, but lately its started to look a little cakey and powdery on the skin so i started to look at other brands. A friend recommended trying the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder as she used it and absolutely loved it so i figured for £3.99 even if it was terrible it wasn't much of a loss, but this has proved to be so much better than i could have hoped. 

Let me start by saying that i love the packaging, it makes it feel so much more expensive than it really is and the mirror inside is a lovely touch. This also comes with a little applicator but i find it a lot easier to just use a powder brush as i find the sponge provided picks up way to much powder. 

`This is really finely milled and has an almost peachy tone to it so really brightens up the face while still being subtle and none cakey. It lasts around 4-6 hours I've found before i have to reapply although during this time it really does manage to keep your face matte and oil free! Overall i really do love this powder, its so light to wear on the skin and its just so nice to use and apply, its definitely another winner from Seventeen.

This is such a brilliant, budget powder and for everyday use you really can't go far wrong. Have you tried Seventeens pressed powders before? What did you think of them? Id love to know!

12 September 2014

Rita Ora Nails | 203 & 873 | Rimmel London

I feel like i haven't put up any nail polish reviews in ages, well, at least i haven't written any in a while. Consideringwithout views nail polish than anything else thative eseems a litis ale funny; anyway, I'm back with these two nail polishes from the Rita Ora Collection for Rimmel London and they are "Breakfast In Bed' and 'Lose Your Lingerie'. I personally love the names as i think they're so creative anincredible well toont, but at the same time without leaving want to call 'Breakfast In Bed' - 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' just as thats what ththeyre suchur really reminds me of. Either way i love both of them. 

Lose Your Lingerie is very similar to Barry M's Rose Hip, but the formula on this is just so much better. The brush that comes with this is flat and wide and allows you to coat your nail in just two swipes. It applies a little bit streaky at first but by the second coat is fully opaque and leaves you with such a creamy pastel pink colour on your nails. This doesnt dry in 60 seconds like it says however its not too much over that so isn't exactly a hassle to apply. 

Breakfast In Bed is by far my favourite of the two, its the perfect pastel mint colour and compliments my skin tone amazingly. The amount of comments I get when I wear this nail polish is amazing and im forever being asked what it is im wearing. The formula for this is a lot better than Lose Your Lingerie and is actually wearable with just one coat but i always use to just to be on the safe side. This wears incredibly well too and i can go 3 - 4 days without seeing any kind of chip on my nails. 

Overally I really love these two nail polishes, theyre such pretty, fresh colours and thwy both wear incredibly well with or without a topcoat. Being the first nail polishes Ive ever bought from Rimmel London they have definitely been a welcomed addition to my nailpolish collection! Have you tried any of the Rita Ora collection for Rimmel, what did you think? 

9 September 2014

H&M Picks! | Week 3 | #teenblogseries

I know its a day late but my life has been absolutely hectic the past couple of weeks and as a result I've had absolutely not time for blogging or any form of social media. I have however now sorted my life out a little and freed up a bit of time so i can get my blog posts sorted. That being said this week in the #teenblogseries we've had to choose our favourite highstreet shops and talk about our favourite picks from them. H&M is possibly my favourite as they always have such spot on clothes at brilliant prices and i never fail to walk out of there without having picked up a few bits first.

Floral Patterned Dress | All through summer i have been moaning about how there is too many floral patterns around but when i went into H&M the other day i fell in love with this, its such a gorgeous colour and the fit is amazing and isn't too long on the legs like a lot of dresses seem to be nowadays. It also looks great on the website on the model with the thigh high black socks. Definitely going to be my new christmas party dress! 

Patterned Knitted Jumper | Winter is for ugly sweaters right? Right. So this is my pick, its not too ugly and is actually incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. It also looks great teamed up with a leather jacket and some ripped jeans. I just think this is such a cute ugly sweater and i really can't wait to purchase it!

Wax Coated Jeans | Ive been wanting a pair of these for so long but could never find any that fitted me until i tried these on. They're a little bit different to what id normally wear but with a bit of experimenting i think they could be a great addition, I've seen so many people style these and they all look perfect!

Cotton Mix Biker Jacker | I think i just like this because its a bit different to typical biker jackets with the cotton blend and the light colour. This is the perfect jacket for those awkward transition days where its freezing in the morning but as soon as you finish college/work you don't want to be wrapped up in your parka and wooly hat! 

Apres Ski Clutch | This really reminds me of the 'Stressed But Well Dresses' clutches I've seen flying about on Instagram lately except i love the colour of this and on the back of it is has a faux fur style panel and i think it just looks so cute and cosy.

Lace Up Boots | Winter isn't complete without getting a new pair of winter boots and i think these are so pretty. Ive been looking for a pair of lace ups for a while but they've all been uber expensive but these are such a reasonable price and look gorgeous!

Hope you've enjoyed reading about my H&M picks, whats your favourite high street store? 

Ripped Jeans | Topshop Leigh's

Im no good at outfits posts, i think we've established that, but when i saw these jeans i knew i had to share them. I've had my fair share of Topshop jeans but this is the first pair of Leigh's I've ever picked up and it is definitely love at first sight. 

As Autumn is just around the corner I've been looking out for comfy, warm clothiers to take me through to the cold winter months and this first and foremost involves buying a comfy pair of jeans. Ive been looking for a bleach effect pair for a while now, but every pair i tried on seemed to  be stiff and ill fitting, that was until i picked this pair up. They feel more like wearing jeggings/leggings because of how soft they are and they possibly the comfiest pair of trousers i own.  

I had never been a fan of ripped jeans before, i just didnt think they suited me as i have fairly long legs and they all seem to be cut in the wrong places but these are just about right. The rips sit slightly above and on knee, so they're not low enough that you're going to rip them even further whenever you bend your knee but also feel just right and like they aren't pulling on the skin at all when you're sitting down. The hem at the bottom if the jeans isn't like your typical hem either, its just ripped jean. Sure there is a little bit of fraying but this isn't an issue and really adds to the overall effect of the jeans. 

I have fallen head over heels in love with these, they're by far the comfiest pair i own. Definitely now on the hunt to find more Leigh jeans as they're the best ones i own. Have you tried ant of Topshops jeans? Which would you recommend? 

6 September 2014

The Blue Eyeliner | Rimmel London

Recently I've gone off wearing black eyeliner and I've opted for browns and occasionally the odd blue as they work much better with my eyes and my skin tone. Ive never really been a fan of pencil eyeliners before but i opted for this as when i swatched it in the store it was just so buttery and glided on the skin perfectly so i knew this was the one. Now Rimmel London are my go to brand when i want something thats going to work well and this is no exception, the colour comes out slightly lighter than pictured in the photos but adds such a lovely pop of colour to the eyes without the need for intense and heavy eyeshadows. 

The only downside of this is that it is a pencil, do it does require sharpening and it is a little messy to sharpen, saying that though, this is incredibly easily to remove at the end of the day, although once its on it does have great staying power. I can leave in the morning having just applied it, and return home 9 hours later without it having slightly faded or smudged even a little. This is really such a brilliant budget eyeliner and I'm so glad to have aded it to my collection! 

3 September 2014

So you want to join a gym?

Exercise has always been a huge part of my lifestyle, all through school i was a member of various different sporting clubs as well as going at least two nights a week to gymnastics and trampolining. However, when i got to high school and started my GCSE's all of this stopped and i found myself only doing the compulsory exercise in our PE lessons, not exactly ideal but its what happened. Ive now been out of school for a year and other than Horse Riding (yes, it is a sport) i haven't been doing anything at all. I don't know if you'll agree with me but i always feel better after doing a bit of exercise, so i decided to join a gym. Ive only been going for about a month now but i feel like its already become a part of my daily routine and these are my tips for you if you think you want to join a gym.

Look Around: I can't stress enough how important it is to shop around and look for the gym thats going to suit you and your needs. I went to about 5 different gyms before i settled with the one I'm at now, all ranging from bodybuilder gyms to fitness fanatics. All i wanted was somewhere i could go and do a bit of exercise without feeling judged or out of place and i definitely wouldn't have felt like that anywhere else. You've also got to figure out what it is you want to do there, do you just want to use the machines? If so then a smaller gym may be a suitable for you, but if you want the full works with the swimming pool and exercise classes then looking at a chain of gyms may be the best option! Go and have a look around each of the gyms and don't feel pressured into signing up with any of them. If you're not 100% with the gym then you're not likely to want to go there.

Choose The Right Contract: You've all heard the stories of people who get into 12 or even 24 month contracts and only end up going to the gym once, don't be one of those people. Gyms tend to offer a range of contracts to suit individuals and their needs, for instance, i had the choice between a Teen contract, Student contract and an Off Peak contract. In the end i decided to go with the teen contract as it offered the best hours for me to go to the gym and the only downside was that i couldn't use the sun beds.. considering i dont use them anyway thats not really an issue for me! You've firstly got to figure out when it is you want to go, will it be before/after work? Or would you go down around lunchtime? These things factor in whether it will be best for you to get a peak/off peak contract. Also, a lot of gyms if you talk to them are more than happy to offer you a 6 month contract instead of 12, or even 24; this should be one of the things you ask them when you go have a look around, as if you're deciding between two gyms, i would definitely go with the one that fifers you the shorter contract just in case you really do hate it!

Attire: If you feel the part, you'll be less self conscious. Shoes are the most important thing when it comes to the gym. If you dont have the right support for your feet then it can cause so many problems  and it would've just been better to buy the correct shoes in the first place. But that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of pounds on a pair of trainers! A lightweight pair of trainers that feel comfortable and dont rub your feet are essential and they don't have to cost the earth; pick a pair of trainers that you like the look of and feel comfortable even if they dont have the latest brand name on. A shoe is a shoe, yes some are made better than others but as long as you find it comfortable the £30 shoe will be just as good as the £80 shoe that has the brand name. The rest of the gym attire is really up to you. A sports bra is a good idea but not essential, as is the rest of your clothing. (Your choice i mean, clothes definitely are essential.) As long as you're happy with what you're wearing then who is anybody else to tell you otherwise?

Have Fun: You may be there to lose weight, tone your body or just burn off that extra bit of fat leftover from Christmas.. but at the end of the day if you don't enjoy it you won't be motivated to do it again. I go with a friend so when one of use wants to go and the other doesn't we get dragged along and generally feel better at the end for going. Also we may have different fitness level but seeing who can do the most sets, or run for the longest or even do the racing game on the rowing machine is a brilliant way to push yourself and have fun at the same time! Go with a friend, join some classes, listen to music, watch some tv; as long as you're enjoying it thats all that matters! 

Anyway, i hope these tips have helped you in some way and given you some things to think about. Joining the gym is one of the better decisions I've made and I'm so glad I've done so! 

1 September 2014

Foundations & Brows For Teens | Week 2 | #teenblogseries

So this week is one of the beauty weeks for the #teenblogseries and we've all been asked to post our personal favourite foundation and brow products to use. I don't use a lot of foundation, but my holy grail has always been the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation and have been repurchased so many times. My product for my brows is the Collection Brow Kit which is a new addition to my collection but is already an everyday staple in my routine. 

I use the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in the shade 101 Classic Ivory, its light to medium coverage but is definitely build able for those 'i hate my face' days. To apply this i pump out a little onto the back of my hand and use my No7 foundation brush, followed by my Real Techniques buffing brush. I love this foundation so much as it gives me such even coverage and doesnt look or feel at all cakey or heavy on the skin; at £6.99 this is a budget friendly product that I'm happy to repurchase again and again. 

Now for the brows, i only recently started paying attention to my brows as there has been so much emphasis on them in the media recently and this resulted in me picking up the Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit. This set has three different shades, a small brush with an angles end and a rounded end and then a clear brow mascara. I actually mix the middle and the lightest shade and apply it to my brows as i find the lightest is too light and the middle is just slightly too dark. I then go over it with the clear brow gel just to tame and finish everything. I really love this kit as it retails at just £3.99 and is regularly on offer in Boots, it's such a good kit for people just starting with their brows and its looks like it's going to last a long time too. 

So these are my recommendations for a fountain and brow kit for teens! Have you tried either of these?