30 October 2014

Eye makeup Remover

Eye makeup is notorious for being difficult to get off and sometimes micellar waters just aren't strong enough. Im not a fan of using makeup wipes around my eyes either so i was in search for something gentle but strong. When i was picking up a Garnier Micellar Water in Boots i saw this on offer and i thought it was worth a try as i love the Micellar Water so much. The Garnier Eye Makeup Remover is such a powerful little tool for wiping away every single last bit of eye makeup and I've absolutely fallen in love with it.

In this little bottle you get 125ml of two different removers, one which i assume is oil based sits on the top and appears purple and then a clear liquid underneath, you shake the bottle to mix the liquid and then i apply it to a cotton pad and hold it over my eyes for a few seconds. Although you don't get a huge amount in this bottle you really don't need to use a lot so its very economical to use and the amount isn't really an issue. 

When it comes to actually removing the eye makeup, this works like a dream. Its so delicate and gentle around your eyes and doesn't require rubbing at all, you hold it on and wipe it off and you're done. This manages to remove even the most difficult of my mascaras without leaving and form of makeup or oily residue. It's not at all drying on the skin either, it doesn't leave you feeling like its stripped bare, its just leaves a nice balance and clean feeling skin. 

Overall i really do love this eye makeup remover, its works so well and is such a great price. If anyones got any recommendations of any other eye makeup removers id love to know! 

27 October 2014

Brow This Way | Rimmel London

Im not entirely sure why, but brows seem to be hugely important in todays society.  I naturally have thick, dark brows as you can see but they are a little sparse in places and i thought it would be good to look for something that could help me define my brows a little more. I won a competition with Beauty At Tesco on twitter and this is one of the things i received from them, I'm so glad i got a chance to try it before i actually went out and bought it though! 

The packaging is pretty standard to be honest, it gets the job done and nothing more. The colour of the tube is also a little darker than the product itself so it's a little misleading! The brush for the is absolutely huge, it's really not dissimilar to a mascara wand which is a tad worrying. Because the brush is so big it also picks up a lot of unnecessary product which you have to wipe away before using as otherwise you end up with messy looking brows. 

In the above photo i am wearing Brow This Way on my right side brow and I've left the other side blank so that you can see the comparison. There is quite a trick to getting this product in the right place but once you've got that down it is quite nice to work with. It is however a very warm toned brown which can be bad on some skin tones. 

I do think this is a nice product, but theres certain little bits about this they just haven't quite gotten right, like the brush and the formula mainly. If my Collection Brow Kit Runs out then ill have no hesitation with using this, but until then its definitely only going to be used as a back up. This does have the potential to be a great little brow product but unfortunately it's not quite right just yet!

23 October 2014

Wonder'full Mascara | Rimmel London

Whenever I get a new mascara, I think its 'The One' but thats normally because i do a lot of research into them before hand and then buy the mascara that looks the best. This mascara, however, was sent to me because I won a twitter competition with Beauty At Tesco and its definitely love . I received the Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara quite soon after its release and id had my eye on it due to the gorgeous packaging, i was just a little bit put off by the reviews, however after trialing this for a good few weeks now and using it everyday, i know that this mascara really is 'The One'.

The bronzed packaging is just hands down gorgeous to me, and feels a lot more premium apect from Rimmel. Wonder'full features a rather narrow synthetic/rubber kind of brush which seems to be the breaking point for a lot of people, but used correctly to brush through your lashes, it goves such a volumised, full lash effect. The wand doesnt pull out too much either so you dont have to spend wiping it off for ages, but it has enough to only need one coat on your lashes. 

Secondly, I love the formula for this mascara. Its not too wet or dry, thick of thin, it doesnt clump at all or flake. To me, its about as ideal as mascara can be. It lasts really well on your lashes, without losing any volume as the day goes on, or leaving any black marks under your eyes. The staying power of this is incredible, although when it finally comes to removing it, its not at all tricky to take off if you use a good eye makeup remover. Holding some makeup remover over it for a couple of seconds is enough to take it all off. 

Overall I really love this mascara and it has become an essential within my everyday makeup routine, everything about it for me is just a winner from the packaging to the brush and everything in-between. Let me know if you've tried this mascara before and what you thought of it! 

20 October 2014

my fashion icon | week 9 | #teenblogseries

If you're a blogger and you haven't heard of Luanna from Le-Happy then where have you been? I first spotted her on a fashion inspo instagram and immediately fell in love with her edgy fashion sense and  unapologetic style. I'm following her on instagram now and i love her blog too. She shares some amazing photos and all of her outfits are spot on. 

Aren't you just in love with her hair though? I genuinely looked into getting my hair done like this once but i think it would probably end up going wrong for me. I just think Luanna is such an inspiration from her style to simply how her personality shines through on her blog. I don't have too much to say as i think the images really do speak for themselves. 


16 October 2014

tartan & leather

As I've had a pretty huge break from blogging seriously and only blogging for the #teenblogseries, i thought i'd ease back into my twice weekly posts with something a little nicer and more lighthearted. I never really appreciate the things around me so i thought it would be a nice idea to go out for a rather cheap day to the park and then a Wetherspoons for lunch, i had the pulled pork sandwich and it was honestly to die for. It was a really lovely day overall and i managed to get some lovely photos of the swans. 

What Im Wearing  
Leather Jacker - New Look
Grey Camisole - Topshop
Tartan Scarf - Primark
Shoes (Not Pictured) - Fred Perry Brogues

13 October 2014

beauty tips | week 8 | #teenblogseries

For todays blog post as part of the #teenblogseries we're talking about beauty tips. Ive only really got into beauty blogging and beauty in general within the past year but i feel like I've picked up a few tips that i wish i'd know in the beginning. 

Good Makeup Brushes Work Wonders | I used to use my hands, sponges and foam applicators to apply my makeup, which looking back, was not a very good way to do it. Since investing in some good makeup brushed I've found my makeup looks a lot more flawless and makes things so much easier to apply. 

Moisturising And Priming Are Key | Having incredibly dry skin i found it really difficult to find makeup which didn't just cling to the dry patches was impossible. Since I've started moisturising and priming before my makeup application its lasted so much longer and my makeup just generally looks a lot better and brighter on my skin.

Exfoliating Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick | Doing this removes the dead skin on your lips and in turn makes the lipstick easier to apply and also prevents dry cracked lips.

Cotton Pads Prevent Pressed Powders Cracking | When i dropped my Stay Matte Pressed Powder and the whole pan cracked i had no idea what to do, although i did discover the handy tip of keeping a couple of round cotton pads on top of the powder prevents is from cracking so easily when dropped. 

Your Eyelashes Have A Type | I used to love mascara and would always be baffled when a certain one seemed to work for everybody else except me. This was until i realised that i was chosing the wrong types of mascara for my lashes. My eyelashes are long so anything that was defined for length just made them look thin and spindly so now i only go for mascaras defined for volume and I've never had a problem since! 

There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Powder  | I used to think translucent powder was the best thing ever, and then i released that sometimes it looked a little cakey from where i put on so much. Now i use a powder brush and just apply a light dusting over my face and it work and looks so much better.

Anyway i hope you've enjoyed reading this post, if you've got any more tips id love to read them! 

6 October 2014

balancing blogging with the rest of your life | week 7 | #teenblogseries

Balancing blogging with your lifestyle really isn't the easiest thing to do, i mean, we all know i struggles with it. Although, doing a series of posts really has helped me stick to getting at least one post up every week, its also helped my bank balance a bit! Anyway these are my tips for balancing you blog with you work/uni/school assignments! 

Prioritise | This is probably the most important thing for me as i do art and deadlines are always ver quick and absolutely final. By weighing up my workload i can figure out what bits need to be done now and what needs to be done later so i can fit blogging in-between. That being said, I've definitely but having a social life and going to the gym over blogging lately, but they're whats right for me so it works. 

Exams Are More Important | Okay, so i know what you're all thinking, but hear me out. Exams are very important, and you really do need to try your hardest to achieve everything you can so that you'll allow yourself a fair chance in life. If that means missing a couple of posts to do revision then so be it. You'll thank me later.

Dont Stress | No you dont need to get that blog post up, no one is going to stress if you dont. Its your blog and you can post whenever you like. A blogging schedule is nothing more than something you're aiming for. If you are busy one night and can't post then so what? People will still read it, even if you think its late. 

You Still Need A Life | Yes, blogging is a huge part of a lot of peoples lives, but you still need some interaction with the outside world. Never use the excuse "I can't go out because i need to write a blog post" its just not worth it. You're more likely to remember the nights you've had out with your friends than the ones you've spend indoors on your laptop! 

Anyway i hope this has given you something to think about! Im not going to carry on much longer as i feel like a bit of a hypocrite as my life tends to overtake my blogging in order of priority so i never tend to get anything up. Hope you've enjoyed reading!