2 May 2014

The Beauty Cards

I think everybody knows about loyalty cards now but does everybody really know how to make the most of them. I've been using loyalty cards for a good few years now and found some of the best ways to get benefits from them. Im sure everyone will at least one of these in their but i hope i can provide some handy tips on getting the most out of them! 

The Boots Advantage Card: This is my favourite card and the card i use the most as it is so rewarding. Like any other point card when you spend in store you earn points back and with Boots you get 4 points for every £1 spent but they regularly have offers where you can gain more! They also have a Treat Street option where when you spend online you can earn points back at a reduced rate, this is great if like me you shop online a lot or buy a lot of tickets through The Trainline! The only downside to this is that you have to have the full amount of the product you're buying in points to buy it, which is a bit of a pain for those more expensive items! But hey, its still better than nothing..

The Superdrug Beauty Card: This is probably one of the least rewarding cards but is still useful to have as you do still earn points on it. When you use this card you earn 1 point per full pound spent meaning to get £1 back you'll have to spend £100. If you do shop there a lot though or if you find yourself in there buying lunch every day like i do then the points do begin to stack up just not as quickly as you'd like! 

The Body Shop Love Your Body Card: I only recently signed up to this card as i was in The Body Shop looking for gifts for various friends and family members. As i was spending rather a lot the girl behind the counter started telling me about the Love Your Body card and how if i signed up to it today then I'd get 10% off this and all future purchases, the card did cost £5 but i saved over £10 anyway so it was a worthwhile investment. It is a huge enabler to spend in The Body Shop though! With a Love Your Body card you get 10% off every transaction and if you register your card online you can use it there as well, you also get a £5 off voucher when its your birthday month, how lovely. With every purchase over £10 you can collect a stamp and with 4 stamps you get a free product worth up to £5 and with 8 stamps you get a free product worth up to £10, certainly a useful idea if you tend to spend a lot in there!

The Debenhams Beauty Club Card: This is one of my least used cards but it can come in handy at times! It lets you collect points when you spend in store on beauty or fragrance. It also allows you to get free makeovers and consultations at skincare counters as well as getting free gifts and samples and a free brow wax with Benefit for your birthday! The only downside to this is that if you dont use your Beauty Club Card for 24 months then you lose your points balance completely and you have to start again. A bit of an incentive to shop there methinks! 

The House Of Fraser Recognition Reward Card: Although its not so much a beauty card, its still a reward card and a useful one at that! You only get 1 point per pound spent but with some of the prices in House Of Fraser these quickly add up as you can earn them on anything in the store, not just beauty! 

So this is the list of my beauty cards and i hope this has been useful to some of you, after all, whats better than being able to spend your points and getting something absolutely free? 


  1. I recently got a boots and superdrug card since I thought I might as well get something out of buying makeup all the time! And I do agree that the superdrug card is pretty crap, but I definitely need to get the Bodyshop card since it sounds really good!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. The Bodyshop card is brilliant if you do actually shop there, super drug is a bit nat, but every little bit helps! xx

  2. I have a boots and superdrug card. I don't often buy makeup anyway so I just have them to collect the points in case I do..

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Thats the best way to use them!:) x