6 October 2014

balancing blogging with the rest of your life | week 7 | #teenblogseries

Balancing blogging with your lifestyle really isn't the easiest thing to do, i mean, we all know i struggles with it. Although, doing a series of posts really has helped me stick to getting at least one post up every week, its also helped my bank balance a bit! Anyway these are my tips for balancing you blog with you work/uni/school assignments! 

Prioritise | This is probably the most important thing for me as i do art and deadlines are always ver quick and absolutely final. By weighing up my workload i can figure out what bits need to be done now and what needs to be done later so i can fit blogging in-between. That being said, I've definitely but having a social life and going to the gym over blogging lately, but they're whats right for me so it works. 

Exams Are More Important | Okay, so i know what you're all thinking, but hear me out. Exams are very important, and you really do need to try your hardest to achieve everything you can so that you'll allow yourself a fair chance in life. If that means missing a couple of posts to do revision then so be it. You'll thank me later.

Dont Stress | No you dont need to get that blog post up, no one is going to stress if you dont. Its your blog and you can post whenever you like. A blogging schedule is nothing more than something you're aiming for. If you are busy one night and can't post then so what? People will still read it, even if you think its late. 

You Still Need A Life | Yes, blogging is a huge part of a lot of peoples lives, but you still need some interaction with the outside world. Never use the excuse "I can't go out because i need to write a blog post" its just not worth it. You're more likely to remember the nights you've had out with your friends than the ones you've spend indoors on your laptop! 

Anyway i hope this has given you something to think about! Im not going to carry on much longer as i feel like a bit of a hypocrite as my life tends to overtake my blogging in order of priority so i never tend to get anything up. Hope you've enjoyed reading! 


  1. Great tips, all of them are so important too!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  2. I've been finding it so hard to find time for blogging lately, and your tip about priorities is so useful because a few months ago blogging was literally taking over my life, it's not a really bad thing but I really need to prioritise my school work so I've decided to not put so much pressure on myself to be blogging so often. Also Ive loved reading your teen bloggers series!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. thank you chick, and yeah sometimes you just need to step back and rethink things:) xxx

  3. these are all great tips & you're so right about prioritising - if you aren't living life what can you write about?!



    1. precisely! figuring this out now and its been nice to go back over this post!:) x