11 December 2013

My Winter Favourites!

Hello lovelies, I'm sure not many of you are reading this but I'm going to go ahead and post it anyway. This is my collection of my best products to have this winter, and with christmas coming up I've made sure they're all budget friendly!  Also, who else loves my recycling of a scarf for my 'wintery' background? I thought it was really clever.

1. I Love … Mango & Papaya Body Butter - Superdrug. 

 I bought this as a cheap alternative to the normal Body Shop Body Butters, and was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is really eye-catching with the bright colours and have similar styles for the whole range. The first thing i noticed when i opened this was the smell; its so fruity, sweet and summery. A perfect way to bring a bit of sweetness into the dull dreary days of winter! 

The actual body butter itself has a very thick consistency, almost like double cream and applies very economically as a little goes a long way! It did leave my skin feeling a little greasy but that went away quite quickly and left it feeling soft and hydrated. 

Overall i love this body butter, its so cost effective and will definitely be one of my most used products this winter! 

2. I Love … Strawberries & Cream Hand Cream - Superdrug

So to follow on with the I Love … Superdrug series i chose the Strawberries & Cream Hand Cream. As with before the first thing you notice is the smell, although this one is certainly a lot stronger, sweeter and almost overpowering compared to the Mango & Papaya body butter. It is so strong that i only tend to use it in open spaces or at home to avoid stinking out the place! That aside, i do really like the smell but it certainly won't be for everyone! 

The actual hand cream itself works really well and leaves my hands feeling soft and nourished which is especially good with the cold days of winter drying them out. It does leave my hands feeling a little greasy, which seems to be a theme with the  ' I Love … ' series, but again, it goes after a few minutes after having applied it.

The bottle is small enough to keep in a handbag which is really useful if you get dry hands while you're out because its so easy to carry it with you and apply it whenever you need it. 

3. The Little Pink Tin - Superdrug

Another product i bought from Superdrug is 'The Little Pink Tin' and is a Superdrug own brand, meaning that it comes with a brilliant price tag! Having tried various different lib balms such as Vaseline, Baby Lips, and Berts Bees with no luck i tried out this little beauty. 

Let me just say that i get really nervous in social situations and therefore resort to biting my lips and when they're dry and cracked already it just makes them even worse so i was trying to find something to prevent them from flaking. This works wonderfully, my lips feel so moisturised and lasts for a good couple of hours which is a lot better than some of the other products i had tried where i was applying things constantly and having barely any affect.

It looks and feels a lot like Vaseline, although this has a slightly grainy-er texture and doesn't melt when you leave it in your pocket. I love this little tin and it definitely deserves its spot in my winter favourites! 

4. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick Tantrum Boots 

I bought this lipstick a while back now but never got around to wearing it. I thought it was too bright and showy to be worn in the summer, but it suits winter perfectly. I chose 'Tantrum' because it was a very bright, pigmented red and it suited my skin tone really well. 

This lipstick applies really well and is very creamy and long lasting, i do find that although it stays on the lips t does also attach to everything else your lips come into contact with *ahem*. I find it to be quite dry and personally i don't find it moisturising however i know other people may disagree. 

Its a very pretty, vibrant shade of red and would look perfect with a casual everyday look and wouldn't be out of place either if you were going for a more dressy kind of day! I have recently heard however that it is very difficult to find this shade.

5. Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation - Boots

Im very fussy when it comes to foundation and hate feeling like theres anything on my skin so when i discovered the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation it was like i was falling in love. This has a fairly light coverage which is brilliant for me, but it still manages to stop my skin looking patchy and horrible. 

It comes in a glass bottle, with a pump applicator and plastic blue lid. Although the lid feels a little flimsy and like its going to fall off, i do really like the packaging and the simple typography on it. 

The pump itself is really useful as it doesn't pump out too much, and seeing as it has quite a watery consistency this is definitely a good thing. Below are photos of what it looks like once pumped out and once rubbed in on my skin. 

As you can see it rubs in really well and leaves a fairly matte finish. When i apply it to my face however i use a brush and sometimes it looks a little shiny so i use a powder over the top. 

I really like this foundation as it is so affordable and good for everyday use. It brightens up your face as well as hiding any blemishes, leaving you with a lovely complexion. 

6. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Boots

I have actually already been through 2 of these powders and this is my third one. I normally opt for the lightest shade however this is 005 and possibly one of the darkest. Ive found that unless i use a darker shade with the Match Perfection Foundation i end up looking ghostly white! 

Anyway, this powder i have found is really good for setting the foundation without packing too much makeup on. The powder applies really nicely and evenly and leaves a lovely lasting finish. 

The packaging is a little bit flimsy and I'm reluctant to leave it in a makeup bag in case it does break or anything, but its a useful powered to use on its own or with a liquid foundation! 

So thats it for my winter favourites, i hope you've enjoyed this post and i'd love to hear about some of the products that you guys are using over this winter! 

Anya xxx

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