27 December 2013

Pretty Little Books.

I have a thing for pretty books, diaries, sketchbooks and things like that, and i figured that with the new year approaching i'd show you all what i'd be using for 2014!  

The first book i found was this adorable little notebook from Waterstones for £9.99, I'm not 100% sure of what I'm going to use it for yet but i just thought it was too cute not to buy. The design was done by the illustrator Rob Ryan, and its so cute, i just had to buy it! Its also around A5 in size so isn't too big to not fit in your purse but it also isn't so small that it becomes useless.

On the inside it features a similar print but in a bright yellow colour. It sounds like it would be horrible but with the pattern it goes really well and just looks generally really pretty! The paper is a sort of "Off-White" colour and is fairly thin but definitely isn't as thin as normal printer paper so would be good as a little sketchbook!

This second book is a 2014 diary from Paperchase for £12. I'd seen this online and just fell in love with the design and use of colour, also i needed a diary as my parents keep complaining about how unorganised i am, ugh! Although it is a little costly, its definitely worth the money, it has good paper and the quality of the book is great, as well as the fact its from paper Paperchase.

The inside features a new page for each weekday, and half a page for every weekend, i thought this was really useful as I'm always running out of room on my calendar and this has plenty or extra space for college notes and things! 

The last book is also from Paperchase, and cost about £7 i think! It features a variety of different paper types from plane, to lined and squared, as well as pages with sleeve and photo holders. I thought this would be really handy to keep on me if i ever needed to make a any notes or do math for how much I'm spending and things like that!

If you follow me on my art blog you'll also know that i have a thing for brown paper, as weird as it it, but when i saw this i just couldn't resist buying it! Its definitely become one of my most favoured items in my handbag.

So these are just a few of my favourite books that I've bought over the last couple of months, there are more but these are the only ones i really like and have found useful. What things do you guys love/collect? Mine is definitely books, which isn't the worst habit i guess!

Love Anya xxx

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