30 September 2014

Autumn/Winter Fashion Staples | week 6 | #teenblogseries

As part of this weeks #teenblogseries we're supposed to write about out Autumn fashion staples but as Autumn and Winter just seem to merge into one for me i thought id write about the both of them. That being said, all of the pieces are pretty versatile and could be worn pretty much whenever, I've chosen my autumn and winter picks from the high street and i hope you all enjoy reading! 

Patterned Knit Jumper | As the colder weather rolls around so do all the knitted jumpers, and i absolutely love this addition from H&M. Ive tried it on in store a few times now and its so comfy and i love the colour of it, I'm just debating whether i can keep a cream jumper clean! I love the pattern on this jumper i think its so subtle yet chic and its such a great price too. 

Knit Tube Scarf | Autumn isn't complete without shopping for a few winter accessories, and this knitted tube scaf, or snood as i know them, looks so light and comfy and really just the perfect addition. The pattern on it makes it slightly lighter than a normal snood so with the weather being slightly warmer, its thin enough to not to overheat you but is perfect for those chilly mornings. 

Longline Duster Jacket | Oh how i have fallen in love with this duster jacket, its so comfy and the perfect weight for autumn without feeling too heavy like a coat. The pattern on this is so easy to pair with anything and its really just such a lovely, lightweight jacket to have.

Aubergine Leigh Jeans | Im not entirely sure why but this colour just screams 'Autumn' to me and these jeans just seem perfect. A comfy pair of jeans is a must in winter and the pairing of this colour with some Leighs' just make them a must have. 

Tweedy Rib Cardigan | I have seen these grey cardigans about everywhere lately, and they look like such a comfy, slouchy cardigan perfect for everyday wear and at college. I love the fact its like a grey marl glen instead of just a plain grey as it adds a little extra to the cardigan and just makes it so versatile.

Black Check Flock Leggings | I've wanted a pair of checked leggings for a while now but everything seems to be slightly too bright or too bold for my taste, that was until i saw these. In real life the look gorgeous and the check pattern is so subtle yet noticeable and look really flattering on. 

Black Disco Leggings | Disco Pants without the price tag? Yes please. These are possibly the best disco pants I've tried, but they're matte! Im not sure if they really count as disco pants as they're not shiny but yeah, they're great and perfect for days when you just can't be bothered and you need something to spice up your outfit a bit. 

Pink Fluffy Beanie | How cute is this beanie though? I wish i was blonde as it would just look perfect. I love beanies and have a stellar collection of which i wish to grow!

Pink Faux Fur Headband | I normally just go for a fleece headband as I'm down the yard a lot and fluffy ones tend to get in the way but this was just too perfect to resist. I love headbands as they keep your ears warm but you don't overheat as the top of your head is still free to breathe.. I also love headbands as you can wear your hair up with them without looking like a man!

Structured Shoulder Bag | Every autumn i get a new bag and this was my most recent addition, its the perfect size, its structured and lightweight and just adds a lovely element to an outfit. I especially love the gold detailing as it just makes it look so chic and a lot more expensive than it actually is.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my autumn picks, what are you all most excited for this autumn? Mine definitely has to be all the new nail polish colours coming out! 


  1. I have two similar versions of the cardigan- one from New Look (like £15) and one from H&M (about £8), they are such a great piece and definitely a staple in my wardrobe this autumn/winter!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    1. I got one from primark and from h&m so we probably ended up with the same one aha, thanks for the advice though! x