4 April 2014

Aquarium Collection by Barry M

Now I'm not exaggerating at all when I say I'm a Barry M addict, or at least a I used to be. Whenever a new range of polishes came out id have to go out an buy them all, i mean, who doesn't want the complete collection.. right? Just before Christmas i bought the Royal Glitter and Matte collections and at that point i vowed to only buy the colours I would wear instead of just wasting my money on all of them. Cue three months later and Barry M have released their gorgeous Aquarium Collection.

Sorry for the darkish photos, it was pretty cloudy outside but they needed to be done! 

Caspian is a gorgeous duo chrome gold colour with hints of purple, pink and little green specks, it just screams royalty. On the nails it appears incredibly glossy and i am forever getting compliments about how lovely it looks. This nail polish really shows its true colours in daylight and creates a lovely effect that really stands out. The polish dries opaque with two coats and the drying time is relatively quick as well.

Mediterranean is by far my favourite out of the collection, it's a gorgeous duo chrome pink and gold shade with hints of orange. It really reminds me of a Mediterranean sunset.. someone take me on holiday please. I think this is a really lovely, versatile colour thats so perfect for summer. As the other does, it applies opaque in two coats and has a good drying time. Ive also been wearing it for three days without a base or topcoat and noticed minimal chipping. A brilliant nail polish all round, eh?

Have you tried any of the Aquarium collection? What was your favourite polish?


  1. Barry M's new collection looks absolutely lovely, and they all remind me of exotic beaches! I really need to try these soon x

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Exotic beaches and sunsets for me, they're all so gorgeous! xx

  2. I have not yet tried any of the Barry M polishes but I will soon! These colours look quite pretty. I probably wouldn't wear it on a casual day to day basis but they look like they'd glam up an evening outfit.


    1. Barry M are one of my favourite brands for nail polishes, you should definitely try them soon. I wear this on a day to day basis but i think it works either way:) xx