28 April 2014

Pamper Evening Routine

Every so often I feel like i need a little break where i can just pamper myself and have a lovely relaxing evening in without any other disturbances from the world. I find it really beneficial when I've had a long week at college and work and think its just a really lovely way to end the day. My routine is a little long winded but it covers a lot of things that i dont normally do due to either lack of time or energy so here we go!

To start my evening, like many others I run myself a hot bath and light a few candles; i have a habit of knocking over my candles into the bath so I've settled for just keeping little tea lights in the corners and along the window sill. The tea lights i bought were from Primark and came in a pack with three colours for £1.50, they were such a bargain and smell so good! I then use the Flake Shake Cocoa Swirl from bath and body works, in the bath and just let it fizzle until its done, this is so nice on the skin and smells lovely too. While this is all happening i sit at the edge of my bath and take off all my makeup and nail polish using the Simple Kind To Skin Exfoliating Wipes and the Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover; I use these because they both prepare me for a nice relaxing bath after doing the strenuous removing before hand.

For my bath I've got a few products which I find myself reaching for more and more often due to either the amazing smell or the gorgeous packaging. If I'm feeling really motivated I use the I Love Shower Smoothie in Coconut & Cream all over my body as its a nice soft exfoliator which isn't too harsh on the skin, i also use the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash as its really gentle and soothing on the skin, leaving it feeling so fresh and soft. On my face i use the Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean Purifying Cleanser as i find it to be gentle enough to not harm my skin yet still have results. On my hair i don't have a specific shampoo and conditioner set but at the moment I'm really loving the Alberto Balsam Sun Kissed Raspberry Shampoo and Conditioner pair, they smell so fruity and just leave me feeling lovely and refreshed.

Once I'm out of the shower i put my hair up in a towel and chuck on a dressing gown, my white fluffy one is my favourite, and settle down on my bed with my fluffy blanket. I like to keep it simple from here and use the Body Shops Chocomania Body Butter this has the most gorgeous smell and makes my skin feel so soft and nourished. Whilst this sinks in i apply the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and start prepping my nails by using the LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter and shaping my nails. I then paint them with a nail polish and in this instance i used the Barry M Textured Nail Effect Polish in Lady, its so gorgeous and makes my nails feel all pretty and delicate! When I'm done with all this is like to change into my pyjamas and tuck myself into bed with a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and watching TV, I'm really loving 90210 at the moment!

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