7 April 2014

Seventeen Back Lash Mascara

I probably say this every time I try a new mascara but i think I've found the one. Mascara has always been my favourite bit of makeup and it intently makes me feel a lot better when I'm wearing it, i have naturally long eyelashes so finding the perfect mascara is a bit of a challenge but i think I've done it!

I picked up this mascara on a whim as i needed something extra in my 3 for 2 at Boots. I was drawn to this due to the lovely packaging which makes it feel a lot more expensive than it is, although it does pick up on fingerprints majorly! THe formula for this is fairly wet to begin with and a little clumpy on the first use but once it dries up a bit it's absolutely amazing. It separates, volumises and lengthens my lashes all to within an inch of their life leaving me with lovely thick long eyelashes and a gorgeously finished look.

The brush on this mascara is fairly big but i don't mind that as i only use in on the front of my top lashes and this is enough, its such an easy wand to use but i appreciate it may not be for everyone! This mascara lasts all day and really proves difficult to budge so its perfect for rainy days in England. Ive been using this for a good couple of weeks now and I'm yet to develop panda eyes, even after sleeping with it on.. oops. For £6.49 this product is definitely a winner and just another one to add to the wonderful line of Seventeen products that I'm quickly gathering. 

I really love this mascara and feel that its definitely one of the better drugstore mascaras, that being said it is a little wet at first so it does require some patience with waiting for it to become perfect. If it runs out i certainly wouldn't hesitate to pick up another one of these as i think its just such a handy little mascara with such wonderful results! 

Have you ever tried any of Seventeens mascaras? Which was your favourite? Hope you're all okay! 


  1. I was looking at this mascara the other day and I was debating weather to buy it or not because I had never heard anyone mention it before I wasn't sure but I think I will definitely purchase it now, it sounds good!
    Jess x x
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    1. Oh thats brilliant, i would definitely try it out, its such a good price and of such good quality to! x

  2. I'm the same when it comes to thinking every mascara is 'the one'! I might have to try this out next time I'm in need of one :)

    Shannon Rebecca | Fashion & Beauty Blog

  3. Yes definitely, I'm so fussy with mascaras but yeah i do really love this. Its definitely worth checking out! x