23 May 2014

Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm

During the past couple of weeks i was incredibly ill and as a result ended up with very dry, brittle and cracked lips. This lead me on my mission to find something which could help me restore them and i ended up purchasing a Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm. Ill let the following speak for itself.

Im hugely fussy when it comes to lip balms and the results i want to see from them, but i am willing to try many different types to see if i get the desired effect and this is when Carmex came into my life. I chose the strawberry flavoured one as i felt it would be better than the original but even this had a weird chemical smell to it. The texture of this again, weird. Its thick, it looks solid when you squeeze it out of the tube and takes a little bit of working in to get it to spread evenly over the lips, this is when you notice the scent the most. Its not a very pleasant scent but you could probably put up with it if it was actually any good at looking after your lips. After about half an hour of wearing this i noticed that my lips were feeling very dry so i applied some more. Then after a further hour of waiting my lips were flaking, dry and sore. Definitely not something you want from a moisturising lip balm. 

Overall i think this is not really worth purchasing, its a disappointing product and doesnt do what it says either. It may just be that my lips dont work well with this product but I'm not going to purchase this again, nor am i going to continue using this! Sorry for the negative review but i hadn't seen many reviews of this out there and i thought this needed to be said before anyone else had the same problem as me! 


  1. Thats the worst thing when you recover from being ill your lips take the biggest toll!
    Great product!
    I hope you are feeling better Doll!
    xo Holly xo


    1. Thank you, this is a late reply but I'm feeling much better now!:) x