28 May 2014

The Eden Project

Not long ago i visited The Eden Project as part of my coursework for college and had such a great time i thought i should share it with all of you. I love seeing these types of post and i really love sharing them too. Visiting The Eden Project was such a great experience and I'm so glad i was lucky enough to go! 

The Eden Project is all about sustainability for the future with facts and figures all dotted around, but this definitely isn't a high school geography type of thing, the displays art thought provoking and really do inspire you to do something about it. I mainly visited for the plants and colours as thats what my course is about but there was so much more to see than that, the biomes were so interesting and unique and a once in a lifetime experience, unless you go there again that is. The biomes are the largest in Europe too so you're definitely not going to find better elsewhere! 

All of the staff at The Eden Project were so lovely and helpful with an upbeat spirit and can-do attitude, they really went the extra mile to help you out and keep you happy! The food as well was also to die for, it all looked amazing and tasted so yummy as well as being sustainably sourced! I really loved my trip to The Eden Project and i really want to go back again! Have any of you ever visited?


  1. Do you have any other photos?? I have been looking into this a lot!
    Thanks for posting it!
    xo Holly xo


    1. Yeah i took about 400 in total so lots more, i just didnt think my laptop could cope with uploading them all:') x

  2. Wow it looks like such a beautiful place! I love your photography

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