30 June 2014

A Trip To The Med - NOTD #5

If you haven't seen my review of this nail polish here then i suggest you go check it out as it's such a lovely polish. Trying to capture all the afferent colours in a photograph without throwing the rest of the image out was so difficult and i still don't think they express how truly gorgeous the colour is! 

Since we've been having lots of sun lately I've been straying away from the pastel nail shades and heading more towards bright summery colours and these gorgeous duo chrome offerings from Barry M. The shade pictured is Mediterranean and just makes me think of sitting on the beach watching the sun set, being able to carry that image around on my nails with me is just perfect and brightens up my day instantly when i see my nails!


  1. This is such a stunning polish!!
    Very summery!
    xo Holly xo


    1. Its gorgeous and so girly, perfect for summer:) x

  2. Omg i'm in love with this polish.
    xo http://nataliexxxx.blogspot.de

  3. I love the look of this polish, it's so sheeny and pretty for a night out! x

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