20 June 2014

JLo's Nude by L'Oreal

I feel like i haven’t blogged in forever but oh well. Im back now and I’ve got more post ideas than ever before! I was on holiday last week in Turkey hence the late upload but the week before i had a job interview and i was looking for the perfect nude lipstick to wear for it, cue J Lo’s Nude by L’Oreal. I picked this up on my latest shopping spree in London, and although its a little more expensive than most drugstore lipsticks its definitely worth the price. Also, apologies for the greyish photos, i don't know whats up with them but i can't get them any whiter? 

JLo's Nude // L'Oreal // Boots // £9.99

The packaging of this is so luxurious and doesn't feel at all like a £9.99 lipstick, the gold detailing of the signature and the band around the middle just give it just a nice, more expensive looking finish. It doesn't stop there though, L'Oreal have even engraved their brand name onto the lipstick similarly to those found on higher end brands! It's not particularly useful but it sure does look good. The packaging is sturdy and the lid clicks on so won't be falling off in your handbag anytime soon, the only thing i have notice though is that when applying the lipstick the bullet move a little in it's casing and as a result its scratched the bullet, if that makes sense. It's not a horrible thing to happen, its just something I've not experienced before and isn't that pleasant to look at. 

When applying if i don't use a sugar scrub on my lips before i find its clings to and accentuates dry patches, but this really is an easy fix with a bit of exfoliation and a moisturising lip balm. This is such a subtle pinkish/brown baed nude and looks so flattering on the skin and its so close to my natural lips that i feel comfortable enough to wear it on a day to day basis, whereas some of my other nudes are a little more noticeable. It has such a creamy formula and applies like a dream and applies to a semi matte finish. Im going to be honest though, this doesn't have the most pleasant scent or taste to it but after a little bit of wear you get used to this and it's barely noticeable, just not particularly nice in the beginning. 

Im very fussy with the types of lipsticks i like but this is a complete winner for me and i definitely want to try more of the Collection Privee lipsticks by L'Oreal as I'm so pleased with this one. Whats your favourite dad to day nude lipstick? 


  1. Oww so pretty!
    I haven't even heard that J-Lo released a range of cosmetics!
    This is such a stunning and classy looking lipstick I might have to see if it is available here yet!
    xo Holly xo


    1. Its only part of collection privee by loreal i think, they have a number of famous peoples nude lipsticks and hers is just one of them!:) x

  2. LOreal have been making some really lovely lipsticks lately, I'm not the biggest fan of them as a brand but I have to admit they are coming out with some great products. The swatches I've seen of that colour look amazing!
    Holly / Faceldn.com

    1. yeah I'm not a huge fan of the brand either but this is absolutely gorgeous! x