26 June 2014

The CC Cream to top them all?!

I can remember the exact moment i decided i wanted this CC Cream, i was strolling down the aisles of boots and for the first time i noticed the Bourjois stand properly and was instantly drawn to the 123 Perfect CC Cream. I have a love hate relationship with base makeup and know instantly after a few uses whether something will be right for me or not and this is possibly my favourite thing yet. 

123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream // Bourjois // £9.99

Now let me start by saying the photo above is of me wearing the CC cream with no other makeup at all, i have naturally very pink and dry skin and it has toned it all down completely as you can see. I absolutely adore this cc cream, it works as a fabulous base for everyday makeup and works well when coupled with a foundation or a powder. 

This has a really runny texture and is more like a liquid than a cream but this just means that it's so easy to blend and spread over the whole of the face. It dries to a really lovely matte finish but i still go over this with a powder because its just what I'm used to. It has low - medium coverage but is definitely build able however with a cc cream you don't really want layers caked on so i just couple it with a concealer under my eyes and around my nose for a more finished look. 

I use this on days out to the beach and town as it has SPF 15 and is better than wearing nothing, it also seems to cope quite well when its sunny and doesn't slip at all even after wearing it all day. Have you tried any CC Creams yet? Which was your favourite and why? I'd love to try some more!


  1. wow I've never triedn any cc cream, but this looks great. Hope that you'll check my blog


    1. thank you and me either, i was pleasantly surprised! x

  2. The result is fabulous!!
    Your skin looks beaming what a amazing product!
    xo Holly xo


  3. I might have to check this out before work!

    1. definitely! its so lint for work as well but provides just the right amount of coverage! x