11 July 2014

L'Oreal Paris // Wild Ombres Kit Review

Its not often i find something to dislike about a product but from time to time i do get disappointed with results and sometimes its important to share it. Hair dye for me is a very big thing to do at home, its very important that you trust the creators to have gotten it right so that you’re going to come out with the desired effect. All too often do we see home hair dye catastrophes and if i can help prevent that with this post then thats what i intend to do. 

L'Oreal Paris Wild Ombres No 2 // Boots // £7.49

(please excuse the lack of makeup photos)

Ive experimented a lot with different types of hair dyes in the past but rarely have i ever used one from L'Oreal, after reading all of the raving reviews about this i decided to take the plunge and give it ago, and that was where I made my first mistake. Ultimately i was choosing between Bleach Londons offerings and this set however my local Boots only had this one in so this is what i ended up with.

I went into this with a positive frame of mind, if it didn't work i could just try again in a few weeks, so i eagerly mixed up all the different components. The instructions for this were very easy to understand and follow, i mixed up the dye and applied it to the supplied brush and started putting it onto the end of my hair, the smell however was awful and made me open three windows in my house to try and create a bit of a breeze. The leaflet says to apply it at about chin height and work down for long hair but in previous experience I've found that the ends take longer to bleach and started there instead so i could have more of a graduated effect. I worked my way up the hair with the bleach and took it just slightly higher than my chin as thats where i thought it would look best. I then left this on for 45 minutes.

When it came to wash all the bleach off i was slightly anxious because the ends of my hair weren't actually too much lighter than what id started with and i could already feel that i was slightly disappointed, but nevertheless i washed all the bleach off with warm water and then applied the conditioner. I left the conditioner on for about 10 minutes because in this kind of situation you can never be too careful and washed it off with lukewarm water in an attempt to stop damaging it further, next i applied a heat protection spray and blow-dried my hair on the cool setting until it was completed dry. 

That was when i realised the extent of my disappointment. Its looked like more of a dip-dye than an Ombre, there was no fading, no graduated effect and the ends certainly weren't much lighter than the rest of it. My hair had lightened only a couple shades to more of a muddy ginger than a dark blonde - brown like the box had said. I understand that these box dyes aren't always accurate but i can't rave about this when I'm just so disappointed with the result. Im going to get a Bleach London Dip Dye Kit and try and do half of the ginger bit in an attempt to get the ombre effect that I really wanted and until then i certainly won't be recommending this to anyone. If you want to do an ombre effect then in my opinion you're better off getting some bleach and just doing it yourself, that way you can be certain about the outcome!

Sorry for the negative Nancy review but i really am disappointed about this product, i know how i wanted my hair to turn out and its nothing like that even though the box said it would be. Maybe i did something wrong, i don't know, but i do know that i won't be using this box again. 


  1. The new Hair color suits really really well! Definetly keep it!!

    Your Fashion blogger

    1. yeah definitely keeping it, just want the ends to be lighter! x

  2. This look really suits you, but if I'm completely honest if you'd like ombré than I'd recommend going to a salon sweet! Does look lovely though :)

    Beth x

    1. Ive done it a few more times at home and I've got it to how i want it. My mum used to be a hairdresser so she knows more than enough to get the desired effect from a box dye, when they actually do what they claim to. xx