18 July 2014

Mini Boots & New Look Haul!

Its no secret i love Boots, after all i now have a job there, but i still love browsing the aisles and finding new products that i hadn't yet tried. When i went into Boots most recently i was looking for a powder and some bleach for my hair, i didn't quite expect to come out with as much as i did but i guess i needed it all.. or maybe i just wanted it.

Ive already done a blog post on the L'Oreal Paris Wild Ombres kit which you can find HERE and thats simply because i was so excited to use this that i did as soon as i got home. Ive had the same dull brown hair colour for almost a year now and i was so ready for a change, after all, last year i had pink, blue, black and blonde hair so brown for a whole year was simply not fun enough for me. I chose this after reading loads of rave reviews and thinking it would be best for a subtle change rather than going say, bright green or something like that. If you want to see my thoughts on this then click the link above!
Im so bad at looking after my hair, i only tend to take notice when I'm using heat or changing the colour and then i feel bad as it begins to break and start looking really unhealthy. I wasn't too sure what to buy but my friend assured me these were a good starting point. I picked up the VO5 Give Me Moisture Treatment Mask as hopefully it will restore a little life into my hair and also the VO5 Nourish My Shine all as my friend told me it would help. Im not too sure about these but ill get a post up with my thoughts when i do know!
Everyone and their dog knows about the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder so i won't go too much into it except for that i managed to grab it for £1.50 due to a crack in the lid and considering i still had two empty ones of these at home i could just swap the lids over and it would be good as new! I also picked up the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer as in summer i find i use less foundation and just powder and it gives me a very dull face, I'm hoping that this bronzer can help put a bit of colour back into it!
Next up is the Rimmel London Soft Khol Eye Pencil, i chose this in a Denim colour as i thought it would be a bit more wearable and less harsh than a black, i think this will be brilliant blended for an everyday look! I also picked up the Rimmel London Kate Mascara (can you see a theme?) as i have a thing for mascaras and the packaging just made it look so pretty, although fingerprints i can already see will be an issue. I also got another tube of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, theres not much i can really say about this because i think just about everyone has tried it, what i do think though that is because I've got a bit of a tan now this might be slightly too light for me so i won't be able to use it. Never mind, just another excuse to go shopping again right? 
I love Barry M, its no secret. I have a pretty impressive collection of their nail polishes and while I'm not enthralled about their makeup collection when i saw these makeup brushes i simply just knew i had to have them. They're so girly and cute with their design and are possibly the softest brushes I've ever tried. I picked up the Powder Brush and The Concealer Brush.
Lastly, these. How gorgeous are these sunglasses and for just £4.99?! I picked them up in New Look and thought they were just so feminine and perfect. I love the look of round sunglasses but all of the smaller ones really dont flatter me at all, whereas because these are so huge they cover half my face and you can't really tell if they're flattering or not! Im not really selling these very well am i? Anyway, i love them, lets leave it at that.

Anyway, i hope you've enjoyed reading this post, if you've tried any of these things or if you have any tips with how to use them then i love for you to let me know! Hope you're all enjoying the weather!


  1. Great Haul lovely!!
    Those brushes look great and so pretty!!
    I have to say I haven't used a lot of Rimmel products we have it over here in Australia but its not a large variety so I tend to not look at it as much as other brands but saying that the Kate range is beautiful I love the lipsticks especially #29.
    xo Holly xo


    1. I've never really looked at their products before either but i just sort of went a bit mad this time! x

  2. I have always passed the Barry M brushes and wondered if I should get myself them, I think you've convinced me :)

    Alice x

    1. i definitely would if i were you, they're so soft and fluffy and make applying makeup so easy x