22 July 2014

Rose Garlands // Home Decor

Since redecorating my bedroom with an all white theme I've been on a quest to try and brighten it up a bit with lots of little individual touches of color all around the room. I don't generally do home or lifestyle posts but redecorating my room is something I've really enjoyed doing and some of the things I've ended up with are so lovely that i just wanted to share them with you. If this isn't your type of post then just feel free to skip right past it! 

I bought the rose garlands off amazon for £7.49 each which I thought was pretty good as there were other sellers on there charging £10+ and received them the next day due to Amazons fabulous prime service. They came in a huge cardboard box full of paper trying to protect it, it was way over packaged in my opinion but hey, at least they got here safely! They were a little difficult to unravel as they came in this birds nest kind of weave but after a little bit of fiddling the unraveled and looked lovely. 

I just popped one of the garlands along the side of my bed and re positioned the roses to make them a bit more evenly spread and look a bit nicer. I think this really livens up the bed frame and adds a pop of color to the room. The second one is currently not being used for anything and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it but I'm pretty sure ill find a use for it! 


  1. These garlands are beautiful!!
    I would love these for my study!
    I love your Panda I was looking at her at Build a Bear so cute!!!
    xo Holly xo


    1. Get them, they're so cheap and just really add an extra touch to the room! And yeah i lvd her, she so soft and fluffy, want to get some clothes for her but I'm not sure if that will be a bit sad:') xx

  2. it looks really adorable <3

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