30 July 2014

The Rimmel London Natural Bronzer

Hiya there everyone, i feel like i haven't written a blog post in forever, work and life have just caught up with me a bit and I've been enjoying it too much to sit down and write down my feelings. 

In my most recent haul I picked up a few bits and bobs as a lot of my makeup was running out and this happened to come free when you spent a certain amount on Rimmel cosmetics. I’m a bit wary when it comes to bronzers as I’ve seen far too many people just looking muddy and dark and I worry about that happening to me.  I used my RT Blush Brush to apply this and swirled it around the pan lightly to ensure I didn’t pick too much powder, I then applied it and built it up and necessary as the colour payoff is rather low but looks very natural. For darker skin tones it is very buildable and I can see this working for more or less everyone.

The packaging for this is the same as most of Rimmels pressed powders and is pretty naf and flimsy. I’m quite worried about travelling with this as I feel like the lid is just going to slip off and I’ll end up with powder all over my makeup bag. Call me sad, but I have actually attached a piece of tape to one side so it’s less likely to fall off. However I have pretty much fallen in love with this powder so I am taking it everywhere with me and wearing it pretty much every day.

I really love how this powder just makes my face glow and adds a lovely pop of colour which goes perfectly with a bit of a tan. It’s so easy to apply and wear especially for people who are a bit scared of bronzers like me! Overall aside from the packaging this really is a great product and definitely on that I’m going to use up and repurchase. What’s your favourite bronzer? I’d love to know what others I should try! 


  1. Wow this bronzer looks great, I definitely have to try this one.


    1. i love it, such a cheap and cheerful addition x