2 August 2014

Dragon Fruit by Barry M

If you think my obsession with pink nails is going anywhere then you better think again as these nails are here to stay! The Barry M gelly formula has been a firm favorite of mine ever since it came out, from the way they apply to she shininess of the finish they are just perfect all round and this polish definitely doesn't disappoint. The colour is a very bright, girly pink and leaves you with Barbie looking nails; maybe with a bit off glitter on the accent finger then it really would be Barbie! 

In the above photos i am wearing two coats of Dragon Fruit and as you can see its opaque and not at all streaky. The brush is similar to all their other brushes and although it’s small and does take some getting used to it really is a good brush. Without a topcoat i find this lasts on average 2-3 days, but that’s normal form my nails as i do a lot at work and with ponies, with a topcoat it lasts slightly longer without chipping at 4 days, and I've even had it last 5 once, although that was very short-lived as it chipped the next day.

The drying time for this is again very quick as long as you don't over apply the polish and two coats can be done in a couple of minutes without having to worry about smudging it or accidentally wiping it off or getting fingerprints on it! Due to the small brush it is very rare that you pick up too much which is always a bonus as well. 

This is such a pretty, wearable colour that compliments the nails so well and has definitely become a firm favorite within my collection! Its a really easy colour to wear and goes with most outfits and as it applies and lasts so well i keep reaching of it. Have you tried any of Barry M's gelly collection yet?


  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.

    If you decide to do it please let me know as I would love to read your response :)

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    1. Thank so much, I've already done one so I'm not sure if i'll do it again though:) x