9 September 2014

Ripped Jeans | Topshop Leigh's

Im no good at outfits posts, i think we've established that, but when i saw these jeans i knew i had to share them. I've had my fair share of Topshop jeans but this is the first pair of Leigh's I've ever picked up and it is definitely love at first sight. 

As Autumn is just around the corner I've been looking out for comfy, warm clothiers to take me through to the cold winter months and this first and foremost involves buying a comfy pair of jeans. Ive been looking for a bleach effect pair for a while now, but every pair i tried on seemed to  be stiff and ill fitting, that was until i picked this pair up. They feel more like wearing jeggings/leggings because of how soft they are and they possibly the comfiest pair of trousers i own.  

I had never been a fan of ripped jeans before, i just didnt think they suited me as i have fairly long legs and they all seem to be cut in the wrong places but these are just about right. The rips sit slightly above and on knee, so they're not low enough that you're going to rip them even further whenever you bend your knee but also feel just right and like they aren't pulling on the skin at all when you're sitting down. The hem at the bottom if the jeans isn't like your typical hem either, its just ripped jean. Sure there is a little bit of fraying but this isn't an issue and really adds to the overall effect of the jeans. 

I have fallen head over heels in love with these, they're by far the comfiest pair i own. Definitely now on the hunt to find more Leigh jeans as they're the best ones i own. Have you tried ant of Topshops jeans? Which would you recommend? 


  1. Wow these jeans look gorgeous. From the photos they seem really lovely. I love the effect of the wash and ripping. You really suit them too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. thank you chick! they're super comfy but look so good at the same time! xx