9 September 2014

H&M Picks! | Week 3 | #teenblogseries

I know its a day late but my life has been absolutely hectic the past couple of weeks and as a result I've had absolutely not time for blogging or any form of social media. I have however now sorted my life out a little and freed up a bit of time so i can get my blog posts sorted. That being said this week in the #teenblogseries we've had to choose our favourite highstreet shops and talk about our favourite picks from them. H&M is possibly my favourite as they always have such spot on clothes at brilliant prices and i never fail to walk out of there without having picked up a few bits first.

Floral Patterned Dress | All through summer i have been moaning about how there is too many floral patterns around but when i went into H&M the other day i fell in love with this, its such a gorgeous colour and the fit is amazing and isn't too long on the legs like a lot of dresses seem to be nowadays. It also looks great on the website on the model with the thigh high black socks. Definitely going to be my new christmas party dress! 

Patterned Knitted Jumper | Winter is for ugly sweaters right? Right. So this is my pick, its not too ugly and is actually incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. It also looks great teamed up with a leather jacket and some ripped jeans. I just think this is such a cute ugly sweater and i really can't wait to purchase it!

Wax Coated Jeans | Ive been wanting a pair of these for so long but could never find any that fitted me until i tried these on. They're a little bit different to what id normally wear but with a bit of experimenting i think they could be a great addition, I've seen so many people style these and they all look perfect!

Cotton Mix Biker Jacker | I think i just like this because its a bit different to typical biker jackets with the cotton blend and the light colour. This is the perfect jacket for those awkward transition days where its freezing in the morning but as soon as you finish college/work you don't want to be wrapped up in your parka and wooly hat! 

Apres Ski Clutch | This really reminds me of the 'Stressed But Well Dresses' clutches I've seen flying about on Instagram lately except i love the colour of this and on the back of it is has a faux fur style panel and i think it just looks so cute and cosy.

Lace Up Boots | Winter isn't complete without getting a new pair of winter boots and i think these are so pretty. Ive been looking for a pair of lace ups for a while but they've all been uber expensive but these are such a reasonable price and look gorgeous!

Hope you've enjoyed reading about my H&M picks, whats your favourite high street store? 


  1. I love H&M, you have some great picks here! I especially love the lace-up boots. awesome post xx

    1. they have it so spot on at the moment! xxx