28 August 2014

DIY DIP DYE | Bleach London

I love Bleach London, there i said it. No but seriously, this brand has just produced so many winning product and every single one of them have been brilliant including this dip dye kit. If you follow my blog then you might of seen my first attempt at dip dying my hair (LINK) and that it didn't go particularly well, so i picked up this kit in an attempt to lighten the ends of my hair and give it a more graduated/ombre effect!

The kit itself was really easy to use and self explanatory; also i love the fact that you put the mixture into a little tub instead of into a bottle as it makes it so much easier to paint the bleach on your hair and also to see when its completely mixed. This comes with a blending lotion which you apply to wherever you want your dip dye to end, and then you just paint the bleach on downward from that, it made it so easy to understand and it works so well!

This did dry my hair out a lot, leaving it feeling very brittle but it also comes with a tube of Bleach Londons Reincarnation Mask which is possibly one of the best conditioners I've ever tried. Sure, it's not actually fixing my hair, only a good trim and a lot of oils and deep conditioning masks will do that, but it certainly makes it feel a lot nicer! If i were going to redo my dip dye i would definitely be using this kit as it works so well and gives me such a nice effect and is so simple to use. Hats off to Bleach London though, i haven't found a product by them that i don't like yet. 


  1. Great post, I have been wanting to change the colour of my hair (I am now blonde and wanted to darken the top of my hair/roots) Might have to check out this brand!


    1. would definitely give it a look, hopefully it'll work better for your hair than it did mine though! xx