31 August 2014

The Brightening Shampoo | ProVoke

So this is the first set of blog photos I've taken with my 700D and as you can see i haven't quite got it right yet but I'm still trying and I'm hoping to get it right soon! Anyway, this is the latest product in my haircare collection and i picked it up based on the recommendation by a friend who used this to go from having yellow-blonde hair to bright white with just a bit of toning.

I ombre'd my hair, and maybe one day ill be brave enough to post a photo of it, but for now I'm not going to. The ends are fairly light but they still have a bit of a yellowish tinge to them and i wanted to use this in an attempt to remove that colour. When you pour this out of the bottle it feels like you're pouring out food colouring, its thin, its runny, it stains everything and its bright purple. The purple is what counteracts the yellow pigment, i just wish it wasn't so messy to use! 

The bottle says to use this twice a week and leave it on your hair for five minutes each time, however i found this works best if you leave it on a lot longer and it removes the yellow so much quicker if you leave it on longer. Short story, this really works. If you want brighter, lighter, whiter hair then use this product. It takes out all of the horrible yellow/orange tones and leaves you with a fresher colour! 


  1. I use one similar to this too and I love it xx


    1. It so good isn't it? Stains absolutely everywhere though! xx