23 August 2014

Save The Nail | Repair & Rescue

My nails are about as strong as paper, and even thats a bit of an exaggeration. My lifestyle is very rough on my hands and nails and as a result i have ridiculously short nails which are horrible to look and even more horrible to paint. I previously used Sally Hansens Hard As Nails clear polish to use as a basecoat which helps them to feel a little stinger and grow a little longer but when my second bottle of that ran out i thought id try something else. I'd had my eyes on the Save The Nail Nail Rescue polish for a while due to the super cute packaging but after finding out it was also made by Nails Inc made it an absolute winner for me so i had to buy it. 

I use this as a base-coat and then i tend to put on a coloured polish as i hate the appearance of bare nails. The formula for this is incredibly runny which is a godsend as it allows you to coat the entire nail with only a small amount so you don't end up with thick layer of polish that has a tendency to peel. The brush is thing and long and works really well with no shedding notice like you can find on some of the unnamed brands. This dries relatively quickly too, you only have to wait a minute and you're ready to go! 

Overall I've notice that this helps the longevity of my nail polish, as it doesn't appear to chip as easily, as well as strengthening my nails. Working 5 days in retail tends to wreak havoc on the nails and i tend not to have any left at the end of my week but this has allowed them t be strong enough to grow and has even prevented breaks incredibly well! This has such a brilliant formula and although i doubt the effect of this polish will last while I'm not wearing it, it does a very good job at strengthening my nails and allowing them to grow! 


  1. oo I so need this!
    pretty packing too