5 August 2014

Nourish My Shine Hair Oil by VO5

When i lightened the ends of my hair i was vary cautious about them becoming very dry and brittle as i have only just restored them to feeling soft and hair like instead of like straw. Once i bleached my hair to a white blonde with a toner and this completely destroyed it, making it feel limp, lifeless and left it incredibly damaged and hard to manage, over the past year i have been restoring back to a manageable state but with bleaching it again i wanted something that would speed up the restoration process and this is where the VO5 Nourish My Shine Hair Oil came in. 

At only £5.19 its an incredibly budget friendly product and comes with a generous 50ml of oil; anyone who has used a hair oil before knows that this is more than enough to get your moneys work. The bottle is small and make of plastic with a twist off top and a pipette attaché to it to pick up the oil and allow you to get the right amount. This is a really handy addition and definitely an improvement on some of the bottles where you just have to pour the oil out. The pipette, although it isn't the best, allows you to gauge how much product you need without pouring it all out and you can keep track of how much you need to use and dispense with it much easier than with either a pump or a spray nozzle. 

I apply this to the ends of my hair and work my way up to about ear height. I have fairly thick hair and find using a small amount about the size of a 20 pence piece works best for my hair while taming it and covering as much as is required. I then leave it for a couple of minutes and gently brush through my hair using a Tangle Teezer, this leaves my hair feeling so soft, silky, and shiny which is brilliant for such a cheap product! It tames my ends and stops them from looking so frizzy and feeling so dead and leaves me sleek looking hair. 

Overall, i do really love this product and it has definitely inspired me to try more hair oils as the results that this product has leaves so much to be desired! This is such a budget friendly product and is something i would love to repurchase when it runs out.