17 August 2014

Give Me Moisture Treatment Mask | VO5

When i first used this I was bitterly disappointed, fair enough i hadn't spent too much on it but the results weren't that different from my normal, everyday conditioner.  It was only a few weeks after when I'd bleached and destroyed my hair that i noticed my normal conditioner wasn't working as well as it used to and my hair was feeling a little drier and more brittle than id wanted. Cue me retrying the Give Me Moisture Treatment Mask by VO5 and falling in love.

Give Me Moisture Treatment Mask comes in a generous sized tub with a useful 300ml of product inside which is more than enough for a good few uses. The texture of this is rather weird however, is not completely viscose and smooth like a shampoo but has more of an appearance of double cream. To use this i just scoop out little bits on my finger and apply it liberally to the ends of my hair up to about ear height and making sure i don't get too much on my roots. I then leave it on for 15+ minutes (the label says less but i find it feels so much nicer if i leave it on longer) and then thoroughly was it out with warm water.

I generally leave my hair to dry naturally after using this as i feel its pointless to use a conditioning mask to then go and damage it with heat, and find my hair feeling so soft, light, fluffy and damage free. Ive tried a lot of hair masks in my time and this has definitely got to be one of my more preferred ones as although my hair is fluffy and soft; its no where near being frizzy and unmanageable like it normally is. This also leaves my hair smelling so fresh and clean and its just such a lovely feeling!

Overall i do love this product, it works so well on dry or damaged hair, just don't expect it to work wonders if your hair is already in good condition! Its such a budget friendly but and I'm definitely going to make sure i purchase it again! Have you tried any hair masks? Which was you're favourite?


  1. I never tried hair masks. I don't think I need it because I have thick and healthy hair, but you never know. ;) This one really looks like good one and if I ever will need hair mask I'm definitely going to check out this one. Thank you for sharing! xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Defintiely, its such a good price too xx