14 August 2014

The Split Fix Serum | Bleach London

Bleach London, to me, were always just the brand that did all the fancy hair colours but was sold in a drugstore; that was until I ventured into my local Boots store and found this on offer in the clearance section. If I'm honest, i wouldn't normally have taken much notice of it but because i had a bottle of bleach in my hand i figured it would be better to tame the ends of my hair with this than to just leave them alone.
I’ve used this a fair few times now and its become quite a regular in my hair routine. I alternate this with the VO5 Oil (review) i posted about the other week, although this is probably my favourite of the two. I apply this to dry, clean hair every morning using about a half of a pump on each section of my hair, i then run it up to about ear height and leave it to dry naturally on my hair. First of all i have to note that this make my hair feel so incredibly silky and smooth, and instantly tames any split ends or flyways!

Overall i think this is a really useful product for people who's hair tends to be a bit frizz and all over the place, as well as being incredibly affordable and in such a handy size so you're able to carry it anywhere! I really do love this product and i am eager to check out some of Bleach London’s other offerings!


  1. this looks great, I have never tried any bleach london products xx


    1. try them, they're all such a great price and i haven't found one thats let me down yet! xx

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