28 March 2014

Jack The Rippler - Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics is probably my favourite place to go for beautiful smelling bath stuff. Forget Lush, this is definitely where its at, they all smell so good and their prices are amazing. I think Bomb are incredibly underrated and deserve some more appreciation so here i am to give them some.

I bought a few things when i went in the other day, but as only these two were for myself i didn't photograph the others and thought id only talk about these. Before i even get into the post i just want to say that these smell amazing. They've been sitting in my room for a while now and the aroma is just heavenly, i almost didnt want to use them they smelled that good, but I'm glad i did. 

The first thing i bought was the Jack The Rippler Soap for £2.49. I was immediately drawn to this because of the colour, who can resist pink soap? It goes so perfectly with all my other soap and glory products too. After picking it up and smelling it i was hooked. It has such a strong, tangy, berry fruity, pink lemonade-esque scent to it and its gorgeous. It gets even better though because its even stronger and sweeter out of the packaging, and using it is just a dream. Unlike a lot of other soaps its doesn't just melt away in a couple of uses and i still have other three quarters of the bar left. Its not particularly drying or hydrating either, but it leaves my hands feeling incredibly clean and smelling gorgeous. The coconut around the edge is good too as it adds and exfoliating element too the soap. 

The oner thing i bought was the 101 Hydrations Cocoa Swirl for £2.99. Ill admit, i was again drawn in by the packaging and the fact it looked like a cupcake. It also has a very sweet berry smell to it too and i just couldn't resist. Unlike regular bath bombs this can be used multiple times by dropping it in the bath, allowing part of it to fizz, and then removing it for another time. I managed to get three uses out of this which made it such a bargain! It gave my bath such a lovely scent and left my skin feeling so soft and silky and i would definitely purchase it again. 

Overall i really love both of these products, they smell so fruity and sweet and add a really lovely touch of summer to a bath. I really can't fault either of these product, they work so well and smell so lovely and are such a bargain too. Im definitely going to be purchasing some more of these products in the future! Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics? What did you think? Hope you're all having lovely days! 

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