21 March 2014

LUSH Sea Spray Hair Mist Review

Every time I post about a LUSH product i do the whole introduction on how I'm not a huge fan of their products and only really go in there on a whim, but I'm starting to find myself in there more and more often and i think i may be becoming a bit of a Lushie? I guess smelling amazing isn't really a bad thing though. 

Anyway, today I'm going to be talking about Lush's Sea Spray Hair Mist as its truly worked wonders on my hair. You get 100g of product and it costs £9.95 for this little bottle. Its a teeny bit expensive but its one of the best products I've ever used on my hair. You see, I'm the type of girl who once her hair dries its bigger than an afro and just ends up getting bunged up into a ponytail or messy bun, but with this, a quick few sprays and I'm ready to go. 

The bottle for this is just a standard black plastic bottle with a spray applicator and a little plastic cap. Its a fairly handy size and would be good for either carrying around in a bag or just leaving on your dresser. Once you spray this, you immediately notice the smell, while its not unpleasant it definitely does remind you of sea salt and seaweed, take from that what you will but i quite like it.

To use this i generally blow dry my hair till it's mostly dry and then spray it evenly all over my hair and allow it to air dry. I occasionally use it on completely dry hair but i find it looks better without. This spray leaves my hair looking tamed but with a slightly more edgy/rough look to it. Think Ivy from 90210. If i spray it too close to the hair it does go a little clumpy and crunchy, but thats more my fault than the products. Overall it leaves me with a fresh, edgy, effortless hairstyle which only takes a few minutes to do. 

I really do love this product and have already used up half the bottle in the short amount of time i have owned it, i love it that much! It is similar to other texturising sprays but this one wins hands down and i will be repurchasing this again. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and i cannot fault it! 

Have you ever tried this or any other texturising sprays? What did you think? Hope you've all been enjoying the lovely sunny weather! 

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