17 March 2014


It happened, again. I went out for a trip to town with my friend to get my mum a birthday present and I ended spending a little more than intended on myself. Its not even been that long since i did a haul post which had rather a lot in either, so i don't really have any excuse for this. Im not sorry though.

Lately I've been an absolute sucker for all things jewellery related and when i saw this set of three midi rings in Primark for only £1.50 i had to pick them up. They all have such pretty designs and don't look 'cheap' like some other Primark jewellery can. They fit so snugly on the fingers too so you don't have to worry about one of them coming off. Unlike other rings I've have tried, these haven't left the green residue on my fingers which you tend to get with cheaper jewellery, result!

I next popped into Topshop and found this gorgeous ring for £7.50. It was a little more expensive than the others i bought, but it definitely doesn't feel cheap and is well worth the price. I wear it either on my middle finger or my thumb and it compliments the other rings i bought beautifully.

The second thing i bought in Topshop was the Matte Nails Nail Polish in Two Timing for £6.00. I absolutely fell in love with the colour and thought it would be perfect for spring and summer so the price didn't really bother me. So excited to use this!

I next ventured into Boots and if you don't know, I'm not sure how you wouldn't know, they have the massive 3 for 2 sale on. I definitely seized this opportunity and picked pick up 3 of Seventeens Stay Pout Lipsticks. I chose a pink, and orange and a berry colour so i would have a range of things to try from them. I bought this in 'Kiss Me Quick', 'Make An Entrance' and 'Rule Breaker' and they were £4.49 each.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this and have you tried any of these products? I'd love to know. Hope you're all having lovely days! 


  1. Those lipsticks are such nice colours, I really love the look of rule breaker!

    Holly / Faceldn.com

    1. Rule breaker is my favourite too, its just more of an autumn colour than S/S though so i wish i found it sooner! x

  2. what camera do you use? i love the picture quality!