14 March 2014

A Day Out In London

I recently took a trip to London to take photographs as part of my art project and i thought it would be interesting to do a kind of  'Lifestyle-y' post that i could share with you all on here! We were so lucky with the weather as it was really bright and sunny, i just wish we could've stayed longer! I haven't heavily edited the photos yet as they'd have too larger file sizes to share on here, so apologies for any wonky, awkward photos.  Hope you enjoy some snippets of my day out! 

My day more or less started at Waterloo and following the giant landmarks, hoping we'd be able to find somewhere to eat as stupidly neither of us had eater much before we got the train. We went past the London Eye, not enough time to go on it unfortunately, and headed towards the houses of Parliament. The amount of people was amazing and i felt a little 'lost' amongst the crowds.

After wondering around a bit like headless chickens, not knowing where we were we luckily found a Subway and got food. Cue feeling like a human again! We walked rather determinedly down to Covent Gardens and after getting lost many times through all of the alleys, we managed to do a bit of shopping and i got a few lovely photos. We saw so many high end shops though and i wanted to buy everything in all of them, why am i not rich?! I only settled for a few thing from Topshop and Urban Outfitters which i am thoroughly happy with. 

We had dinner in TGI Fridays and both got Jack Daniels Burgers, they were so good, I do love me a bit of Jack Daniels sauce. Whilst we were waiting though, my friend ordered a cocktail, and i ordered one of their 'mocktails' as I'm only 16.. no ID later, a very alcohol ridden drink and i was not a happy bunny. I dont even like the taste of alcohol so it was pretty much all drank by my friend who is 18, disappointing! You can't go out for a meal without a dessert though, right?! I got the popcorn and brownie sundae, and my friend go the cookies and cream sundae. They were both so heavenly and delightful, you've redeemed yourself TGI's.

We pretty much just went back to the train station then, with a few stops for photos along the way and we got out trains home. It was such a lovely day and i can't wait to go back to London for a huge shopping spree after my birthday! The shops there are to die for! Anyway, i hope you've enjoyed this little post, hope you're all having lovely days!  

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