3 March 2014

The Perfect Jeans

Jeans should be a staple in every girls wardrobe but sadly they often go forgotten. In fact, i didn't own a pair of jeans for the better part of 2013 but as winter rolled up i knew i had to do something about that. I'd been hunting for the perfect pair of jeans for about 3 months when i came across some in H&M. I know everybody gets all excited over the topshop jeans and believe me, i love them too, but studying in an art uni gets very messy, very quickly and i can't always justify that amount of money on a throwaway pair. 

It was sunny for once and i got so excited! Took so many photos! 
If you've ever tried to photograph black jeans before you'll understand how difficult this was.
I wondered into H&M on a whim to get out of the rain, after browsing around the jewellery and accessories section my eyes caught onto the jeans and i was immediately drawn in. Im not sure if its because H&M stores always look flawless or what, but i probably could've bought the whole of the denim section it looked that amazing. 

I came across 2 rails with 4 different coloured jeans on them. It took me a while to figure out my size but once i did i picked up the light blue pair and the black pair and headed into the changing rooms to try them on. Ive never felt a pair of jeans fit me better than these have. They weren't too big on the waist or too long, they hugged every part of me and left a really flattering appearance as the denim isn't so thin that it shows off all your lumps and bumps.. *ahem*. 

I was mainly looking for a pair of black jeans because they go with everything, and these ones definitely didn't disappoint. They aren't too baggy or tight and fit like a glove. I only photographed the black jeans because that was all i really intended to buy! 

Paying for these jeans was an absolute delight as well. They were £8.99 each! What a bargain! Now I'm not sure if these were on offer or what, because i couldn't find them online, but they're such amazing quality at such a low price, how could i resist them

I just love jeans because they're so easy to style up and down, and they go with almost every pair of shoes you own. Now thats pretty important considering i own some pretty unique shoes! If you haven't seen them yet then i would definitely consider going down and checking these out, they really do need to be seen to be believed. 


  1. I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fits me perfectly, since all my jeans are a little bit too longer thanks to my short legs!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Mostg places I've found are offering different leg lengths now which is great x