24 March 2014

Two Timing 'Matte Nails'

I don't venture into the realms of Topshop nail polishes very often because in previous experiences I've found they're not worth the price tag and there are many other more reliable drugstore brands for a lower price. That being said, when i popped into Topshop the other day with my friend and i saw this shade i simply couldn't resist. I paid £9 for a matte top coat before, so £6 for a matte nail polish can't be that bad right?

I really love the bottle for this.
A fairly thin but workable brush.
cold hands eek!
it really doesn't look very matte..
I chose this colour because I'm all about orange right now, from the lipstick to nails its just a must have for me and this is certainly no exception. Its a bright, vibrant orange, quite easily comparable to the rail workers high visibility clothing.. probably not the best comparison Anya. Its certainly eye-catching and I've had compliments all day while wearing it. Although the colour payoff is very bright, its not something to be feared, just worked with and worn with confidence.

The formula of this is fairly thing and the first coat is very streaky, but dries incredibly fast so adding another coat isn't really too much of a time waster. I found you get the best, most opaque look with three coats, but this does compromise drying time considerably and doesn't quite give you the matte effect you see on the first coat.

I wouldn't say this is the most matte nail polish I've ever tried, it has more of a waxy finish but it still more pleasant than some of the other matte polishes I've tried. If you want something thats semi matte, but not completely then id definitely go for this as it does have a lovely finish.

Overall, i do really like this polish, but i don't think that the £6 price tag is really justified. Its not a huge amount to pay though, but just don't expect this to be as matte as many other brands are releasing. I do love the colour and its so easy to apply and i will definitely be using this polish again more towards spring and summer as its such a vibrant polish!

Have you tried any of the Topshop Matte Nails polishes? What did you think of them? Id love to know!


  1. Absolutely love the colour of this! It's a shame the formula lets it down. I think I might buy it anyway just because it's an amazing colour.

    Becky xx

    1. i know i was absolutely in love with the colour too! I believe they do a non matte version of it as well which might be worth a look!:) x