7 March 2014

A Failed Glitter Ombre.. NOTD #4

We've just about gotten far enough away from December for glitter nails to start becoming acceptable again without people thinking you've been left in the party season, so i seized this opportunity and tried my hand at my favourite glitter ombre! It didnt work as well as normal, maybe i need more practice.

This is such a simple and easy manicure to do and suits any event. I wore this for a few days at college and had nothing but compliments. The dark nails really help when you do art as well as it hides all of the pain splatters and leaves you with what looks like a perfect looking manicure even at the end of the day!

I started this by using Sally Hansens Hard As Nails as a basecoat, followed by two layers of Barry M's Nail Polish in Black. I then used a limited edition pink glitter by Barry M (similar) and applied it in an ombre effect. I learned how to do this from various tutorials on youtube and i think it has such a lovely effect that everyone can learn to do! 

Have you tried glitter ombre nails before? What did you think of them and how did they turn out? 


  1. Such a pretty color, i love your blog design did you design it yourself? I was going to follow you with GFC to show you some support but you dont have it up so i follow with bloglovin ans google+ i blog too if you are looking for a new blog to read :D

    1. I bought it on etsy:) and okay i think ive changed that now? Didnt know what GFC was before so yeah.. thanks!:) x