10 March 2014

Popcorn Lip Scrub REVIEW

Im late on the bandwagon with this, i know, but it truly does deserve to have its own review on my blog  even if i am the last person to do so. I rarely ever venture into LUSH due to the overpowering smell but after finally finding someone who would join me in there we had a little mooch around and found this little gem. Cue the Popcorn Lip Scrub.

I didnt notice this product straight away due to the teeny packaging and being tucked right away into the corner of the shop, but I'm glad i did because its quickly become one of my most coveted items. It comes in a small glass jar with a plastic lid and it such a useful size to keep in either a bag pocket or just your makeup bag.

It comes with 25g of product, and has the flavour of salted caramel. I chose this one over the bubblegum as i found that had a very sickly sweet scent but this one was just right. You only need to apply a little bit to the lips to gain the desired effect so the product will last a long time, plus you get to eat it after too.

I really like this product because through the winter month my lips have been left really dry and cracked, and rather than biting at the bits of dead skin i use this instead and its left them feeling a lot nicer and less sore within only a few uses. The texture of this is a bit weird to get used to, and i do get some funny looks if i use this in public, but it truly is brilliant for your lips. I pair it with a Nivea Lip Butter (review) and have soft lips for the rest of the day. 

This is a really great product and is well worth the hype, have you tried any lips scrubs before? What did you think? Id love to know! Hope you've all been having lovely days!