21 February 2014

Forever 21 Wishlist #2

Now i dont know about you guys but i love reading wish lists, and especially ones with something a little different. Forever 21 has long been my favourite clothes shop and recently i delved into their beauty and accessories section and couldn't be happier that i did. Ive spent countless hours looking online at all of their beautiful products and here are a few of my favourites!

Sweet Side Lunch Box Cross Body £18.90 - Ive been looking for a reasonable sized bag to carry around with me for such a long time but never find anything that would be suitable. I carry my life round with me so really need to stop, and when i saw this bag i just fell in love. The embossed polka dots are such an adorable touch and i think this bag would make such a perfect addition ready for spring. 

Arrow Print Midsize Cosmetics Bag £5.65 - My makeup bag is looking a little battered so I've been on the hunt for a new one. This black makeup bag is perfect simply for the dark colour, goodbye mascara stains! The gold arrows on the outside really just tie this bag together and make it so adorable and an absolute must have!

Sketched Circle Eyelash Curler £3.15 - Confession, I've never used an eyelash curler. I have pretty long eyelashes as it is and I've never really felt the need to, or really understand them. This is a nice little, reasonably priced pair and i think would be a good introduction into the world of eyelash curling. 

Weekday Blues Mirror Compact £3.15 - Compact mirrors always seem to go missing for me so find myself buying them all the time. The saying on this one describes me perfectly as I'm always living for the weekend. The gold metal exterior is a lovely touch too compared to my pink plastic one.

Paddle Brush (Similar) £3.15 - You can never have too many hairbrushes, right? 

Floral Rebel Tweezers £2.40 - I bought a pair of tweezers from here before and they were absolutely fabulous. Sadly after a year of use they've suddenly gone walkabouts and i can no longer find them, resulting in some pretty unruly brows. I love the design on these and the price is absolutely brilliant.

So these are just a few thing I've been lusting after from Forever 21. Is there anything in there that you'd like too? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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