10 February 2014

Peaches And Clean REVIEW

Skincare is something i fail at majorly. I just can't be bothered with all the creams, scrubs, gels, pads etc that claim to do things 99% of them dont do. I also dont have the time to spend hours every evening applying various said creams and products to my face. I probably wouldn't have looked twice at the Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean face wash if i hadn't got it in the 'Yule Monty' but I'm so glad I've tried it as it has simply done wonders for my skin.

Im the type of girl who just washes their face with bog standard soap, lime scented if i can help it, and it leaves my skin feeling awfully dry and raw. After using this for a few weeks though i can tell i'll definitely never be going back to that. You can currently buy this for £5.33 at Boots.

This comes in a clear, sturdy, plastic bottle with a screw off pump style lid. The bottle itself feels fairly firm and has very simple detailing on the front of it.  The bottle contains 200ml which is fair for the price, and i dont think you'll be running out of this too quickly either. The lid is probably the most disappointing part of this product and i still dont know if i've pulled it out right, but never mind. Using the pump i have found that it requires quite a lot of pressure to get only a small amount out which isn't good if your holding it whilst in the shower as its sure to just slip out of your hand. And hit your foot causing a rather unsightly bruise if you're as clumsy as me.

Smelling this product is an absolute dream, is has a sugared peachy scent, almost like peaches and cream and is certainly strong but not overpowering. It leaves the scent on your skin for a little while too which is nice. Again the texture of this is spot on, it soft and creamy and lathers up well. I generally pump it onto my fingers, add a little water and lather it up in my fingers before applying to my face so that i can ensure the product is most evenly spread. It claims it has 'super T-zone decloggers' but i haven't really noticed this too much.

After washing it off and gently patting my face dry i find it feeling noticeably cleaner and drier. Its also helped reduce the number of spots I've been getting as well, all though I'm not sure if its 100% due to this product, its definitely helped! This has definitely become one of my favourite products from S&G and is a brilliant alternative to just a bar of soap and water. I would recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a cheap alternative to soap. 

Overall, do i like this product? Yes, definitely. Would i buy it again? Of course, i may even be tempted to try some other things like this too! 

Whats your favourite Soap & Glory skincare products? Leave a comment and i'll be sure to check them out!

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