3 February 2014

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara REVIEW

Hello there everyone, so you've probably realised by now that I'm a huge Soap & Glory fan since buying the 'Yule Monty' set, and here i am with another review today! Im very fussy when it comes to mascara as i have very long, dense eyelashes and any bad points are instantly emphasized. I was a bit wary of this mascara because I've heard incredibly mixed reviews on it but here i am to share my opinion! 

The packaging for this mascara is rather plain and boring for a S&G product. Its essentially a slim black plastic tube with the signature S&G pink writing on it, nothing special. It has a screw off top and its rather small so is ideal for putting in you everyday makeup bag as it won't take up as much room as some other mascaras do.

The mascara wand itself is rather large and 'in your face'. It features a spiral brush and holds a lot of product on it. I found that due to the size of the brush it was quite difficult to use and i ended up getting product on my lids and under my eye quite frequently. It also took quite a lot of practise to get the mascara to spread evenly. 

I think the formula is fairly good and pretty much sport on. Its not too runny or dry, and applies quite well once you get the hang of the brush. Its definitely one of the better drugstore mascara formulas i've seen.

Overall i find the mascara to be great, I'm just annoyed with such a large wand as it makes the mascara quite difficult to actually apply. Ive found this makes my eyelashes look a lot longer, thicker and more volumised, however if you overdo it you get very thick clump eyelashes. Using this is quite hit and miss as to whether it'll look nice or not, its incredibly easy to put too much product on but when you get it right it looks amazing. Its one of the products ill keep in my makeup bag along with another mascara just in case of an emergency. I certainly haven't given up on it yet! 

Do i like this product? Yes, when it works. Would i buy this again? For £10, probably not. Id rather find something that works a little more consistently.  What do you think of this product?

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