14 February 2014

The Valentines Card Post - Scribbler.com

So its Valentines day and i thought i should do a little post, not your typical post but a little couple of days ago i went out to town with my friends and we stumbled into this small quaint shop full of funny cards and joke gifts and it had something in there to suit everyone. The little shop in question was called Scribbler.

This is by no means a sponsored post, but one that i really wanted to write and i thought would be useful for all of you! 

Sickly sweet? Sorry about the bentness, its been in my bag for ages waiting to be photographed! 
accidentally cut the address off, oops! 
This was an absolute nightmare to photograph! Its adorable though..

I had been struggling to find the perfect card for such a long time, well, since Valentines Cards started appearing in shops at least, and even if i did manage to find one i wouldn't buy it because the people behind the tills always looked like they were judging me. There was none of this in Scribbler, in fact the lady was lovely and friendly which made the experience so much easier. 

They have a huge range of funny, pun cards as well as serious and thoughtful ones. The one i got had 2 pandas cuddling on, as pictured above, is incredibly cute and is relatable to me and my boyfriend. It has something thats fun but meaningful at the same time and i think thats more important for cards than something all expensive and fancy. 

Me and my friends spent about 20 minutes in there just looking at and laughing at all of the cards, the person working in there had a lovely chat with us too and we all left having bought something. Ive never felt happier with the card I've bought as i know its exactly what i wanted and exactly what i needed. So if you're struggling with your Valentines cards then I strongly recommend you head over to Scribbler.Com and take a look their amazing range of cards! 

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