11 February 2014

Valentines Inspired Nails - NOTD #3

Valentines is a good time of the year for me and i always get all giddy with everything Valentines themed, so when my nail polish started chipping off and i had to come up with a new design i couldnt think of anything better than Valentines themed nails! Okay you can stop judging me now.. 

I just want to apologise in advance, with all this horrible cold winter weather and having horses its very difficult to keep my nails and cuticles in good shape, which results in some pretty gnarly cuticles. 

These surprisingly didn't take too long to do! 
Maybelline Color Show Sugar Crystals 46 // Maybelline Colour Show Nebline 77 // Maybelline Colour Show Candy Apple 15// Barry M Matt White 66 // Sally Hansens Hard As Nails
Maybelline Colour Show // Sugar Crystals // 46
Okay so this isn't as over the top as they probably could be but i think they're inspired enough to not have the mick taken out of me for college, and anyway i think they look cute. To create these nails i first applied my favourite base coat: Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails, i love this because its so thin, dries so quickly and really makes my nails feel stronger.

I then applied MCS Nebline with two coats and allowed it to dry thoroughly before attempting to do any design. When i did start putting the patterns on i started with my little finger and worked back to my thumb, this worked really well for me and allowed a fair amount of drying time for each one. Its just a shame my wrong hand didn't turn out as good..

This is such a girly, pretty manicure that i really love and looks a lot more subtle in person. I love the appearance of this and can't wait to try more themed things as this was so much fun to do. Im no expert when it comes to nail art but boy do i wish i was as some of the designs people come up with are crazy! 

Are you doing anything special with your nails for Valentines day? Id love to know! 


  1. i´m a bit to late ;) but however such a cute nail art idea <3