2 February 2014

Keep It Simple - FOTD #1

Its a lazy Sunday and quite honestly my favourite day of the week! I normally spend it at home or working, but thankfully I'm not working so a relaxing day it is! We always have people over on a Sunday so its not like i can just chill in my PJ's all day with my hair on top of my head in a bun and last nights makeup all over my face. Instead i have a simple, everyday look that is so quick and simple to apply.

After washing my hair and face, i tend usually not to use any form of primer or moisturiser on my face. Instead i apply the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder all over my face. I have it in the colour 'Sandstorm' as i feel it adds a little extra glow. My eyebrows i tend to leave au natural as i dont really want to be fussing them around if I'm not actually going to be seeing anyone. Next we move onto my eyes. My typical 'go-to' mascara is the Maybelline One By One Express Mascara and i normally use this as a base because it makes my lashed longer and more volumised but with it running out it doesn't make them too much more defined so i do a second layer with Seventeens Superlash Mascara to give them a bit of extra colour and definition. Then for my eyeliner i used the Bourjois Liner Feutre to do a faily think line along my upper eyelid, i think it looks really simple yet adds an extra bit of well, it just adds a bit extra, dont you think? For my lips i just use Baby Lips in Pink Punch so its a little bit moisturising yet theres some colour there as i dont want to be faffing around with lipstick all day! For my hair i just put in into a centre parting and tie it into a low messy bun and secure with about a thousand bobby pins, its pretty loose so just feels like a lovely comfy hairstyle for the day!

So this is my lazy day makeup, whats yours like? Leave me a comment letting me know, are you like me and apply a little, or do you brave the family with the pineapple hair and PJ's look? Hope you all have lovely Sundays! 


  1. Usually I'm to lazy for make up on sundays. The only thing I tend to wear is BBcream

    1. Ive never tried a BB cream.. maybe i should?

    2. You should, in my opinion they are great ;)