17 February 2014

SUPERlash Mascara And Eyeliner REVIEW

Hello there everyone, like many others i recently saw this post by Kirstie (A Yellow Brick Blog)  and found myself picking up these 17 products when i popped out for the day. 17 are an ever-growing brand and I've loved them ever since i bought my first felt tip eyeliner from one of their collections, when i saw these i simply knew i had to have them. 

Apologies to anyone with slow internet, this is quite a picture heavy post and may take a while to load.

I found a random basket in my garden hanging from a tree and though 'Hey, what better way to take photos of my products? Im such a loser, right?!
Together, from a different angle.
At the moment, these are on offer in Boots. You can buy the mascara for £4.99, as an introductory price, and get the eyeliner for free. As of the 19/02/14 the price of the mascara will go back up to £6.99, i bought it in black but they also do a black/brown version. I can't currently find a price for the eyeliner, but I'm sure it won't be too expensive. This is an absolute bargain for two products and i have no idea how anybody could resist this offer!

Dont you just love the packaging?! Its so fun and cute!
I wonder whether this claim is true..
Why is it so hard to photograph mascara wands?:(
The packaging of the mascara is rather gorgeous in my eyes, its not sleek and stylish like i would normally go for but has the fun, playful typography and the red and yellow make you think of superheroes like the name 'SuperLash' implies. The tube is not the smallest and contains 9ml of product which is just about average for a mascara. It has a straight bottle with a curved handle for added comfort while applying, and it certainly works.The rounded lid just feels a lot smoother and nicer in your hands and makes applying it a lot steadier and ergonomic.

This features a spiral brush which is fairly thing and easy to manoeuvre. The brush holds quite a lot of product so you may have to wipe it a little before use so you dont come out with spider leg eyelashes. I naturally have fairly long eyelashes and this was easy too apply the mascara with and allowed an even coverage. The product does accumulate a little on the end which you can see in the photograph but this is easily wiped off.

The typography on this is amazing, it looks so chic!
With the lid off..
 A very unique kind of nib!
For a free eyeliner, this is amazing. I didn't have high hopes for it but there is honestly no where i can fault it. The packaging is sleek and slim, its just a little bit wider than a biro. The case is predominantly glossy but it has a matte section to hold onto which is also curved in for added grip and comfort. I like the way this looks, its small enough to keep in a makeup bag without taking up too much room and doesn't feel too bulky in your hands. It such a good free product, and certainly doesn't feel it!

The nib of the eyeliner is probably the most unique part of this product and definitely makes a difference from the normal felt pen tip. It features a flat slanted nib which is commonly found on highlighters, thats the closest thing i can compare it to. Its something i haven't seen before but it definitely should be more popular as it makes thick and thin lines so easy to do. Im not an expert with eyeliner, in fact i find it quite difficult to use but its the only eyeliner i have managed to get a thin line on my upper lid with. 

Just eyeliner, no mascara.
Eyeliner and mascara.
Closeup, makes it a little easier to see eyelashes.
The other eye went a bit spidery oops..
Please ignore my skin, and lack of makeup on the rest of my face. 

Now lets talk about application. The eyeliner is very black, and applies completely opaque and really smoothly. It dries quickly and there is no smudging or transfer to the upper lip. I tried doing a thick wing as well as a thin line and both of them worked really well and the nib made it especially easy to do both of them. 

I used the mascara first on the left eye and as you can see it came out a little bit thick and clumpy in some places, however when i went on to do the right eye it worked a lot more evenly and made my lashes appear darker and longer. 

Overall these products are really great and work well as a pair. I love this eyeliner and its definitely taking one of the top spots in my makeup bag. The mascara while good, just makes my eyelashes a little long and witchy for everyday wear, so will be something reserved for special occasions and nights out. However i do love the mascara, and the packaging and pretty much everything about this product. The eyeliner is pretty much faultless although it will take a while to get used to the different shaped nib, the formula is absolutely amazing and one of the best I've tried for a long time!

Overall, do i like these products? Yes, i love them? Would i buy them again? Of course i would, from the price to the products there is nothing i can fault them on! Are you gonna try these product out? Let me know if you do a post on them and ill be sure to check them out!


  1. I really want to try the mascara! I've never tried 17 products before but they're getting more and more popular nowadays

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Its good, i like to layer it though because it adds more length than volume.. Such a good price too, definitely worth a go! x

  2. Unfortunately we don't have this brand in my country :/ I hope they come soon

    1. thats a shame! they're such lovely products! x