31 January 2014

Sexy Mother Pucker REVIEW

Hello there everybody, so today I'm doing a review on the marmite of beauty products, the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump XL lipgloss. What a mouthful. Due to my spending ban I'm not buying any more products so I'm pretty much going through the 'Yule Monty' gift set, sorry! 

Excuse my nails, anxiety ruins them!(
Getting the right lighting is hard in winter:(
 This product comes in a squeezey tube with 24M of product. I got this in the shade 'Pink Out Loud' but they also do a 'Very Berry' and 'Clear' which i prefer, and they all retail for £10 in Boots. The lid and the packaging feel fairly flimsy which isn't common for S&G products so is a bit of a let down. 

Pink Out Loud has a peculiar chocolatey smell about it, at least i think its chocolate, and is a lovely pink colour. The formula is a little sticky but not unbearable, even for someone who doesn't like lip glosses, and it lasts on the lips for a fair amount of time leaving a noticeable plumping effect and a little tint of pink. 

This is where the product divides people though, after a couple of minutes there is a noticeable tingling sensation on your lips which can be uncomfortable if your lips are a little broken, or they're just sensitive. I personally quite like the sensation however i know it does divide a lot of people. 

Overall i like this project, I'm not incredibly excited about using it but it looks nice, feels nice and has a lovely scent, i just don't think it'll be my first choice for lip products. 

So, do i like this product? Yes. Would i buy this again? No, its a little bit expensive just for a lip gloss in my opinion. Have you guys tried this product? What did you think of the tingling sensation? 

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