1 January 2014


I know everyone loves going out and spending all their money after CHristmas and bagging some bargains in the sales, but nope, that won't be me. Not this year, anyway. No, i've decided to take on a 'post christmas spending ban'. I don't know why, i just thought it would be good considering I've spent the past 2 weeks with exactly £8.62 to my name. 

So what exactly am i going to do? As of the 1st of January i will not be spending a penny of my money to the things listed below until February. After spending the last few weeks poor, I've decided i want to start 2014 with a little bit of money to my name so i have a chance to do things and buy things i want to. 

What I can't spend my money on: 

  • Unplanned Meals or Snacks
  • Drinks, Costa, Starbucks etc.
  • Nail Polish, Makeup, Beauty Items
  • Books, Magazines
  • Clothes, Lingerie

I think that pretty much covers everything i waste my money on to be honest, and because I'm only doing a month it shouldn't be too hard to complete. First few blog posts though and I'm doing a spending ban?! I really didn't think this through very well now did i? What have you guys spent your Christmas money on, or are planning to spend it on? 

Anya xxxx

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