25 January 2014

The Bedroom Makeover Post

For as long as i can remember my room has always been pink and purple and full of memories. As nice as that it, it just looks so cluttered and messy. Ive recently been looking at a lot of bloggers bedrooms and found myself in envy of their beautifully co-ordinated rooms and have taken it upon myself to redesign mine!

None of these images are mine and all have been found on tumblr in the 'Shabby Chic Bedroom' tag.

I've been looking at images of bedroom to gain inspiration and these three are some of my favourite. They all express a personality without screaming it, and all look incredibly well planned and coordinated. I love the whole floral and simplistic theme as well as shabby chic and am really trying to base my room around these ideas. I want to create the perfect pretty space that I'm happy to be in, and I'm also hoping that if i make it perfect ill be more inclined to keep it tidy, which i currently fail at doing all the time. At least i keep my wardrobe tidy nowadays though! I also want to display memories without just having them blutacked to the wall, and i want to have makeup storage to be proud of, instead of just having things stuffed in various different makeup bags. I just want the perfect bedroom, and I'm pretty sure everyone can understand me there. 

So those are my thoughts on what i want. Ive pretty much spent my whole day clearing out my bedroom, 6 bin bags later and its safe to say i keep a lot of memories and things i dont really need. Ive also been looking at a lot of furniture online and i have to say, ikea is a god. Ive moved into the spare bedroom for now and I'm in a double bed, oh how i wish i could fit one into my bedroom! Its so spacious and i can keep everything on it which is beautiful. A little cold, but so comfy. I need one of these permanently in my life.

Im sure ill do a post showing my made up bedroom but for now its underway. Im hoping to have it completed by midway through february!

Have you done a bedroom post? Id love to see your rooms and the way you have things organised. Leave me a link and ill be sure to check them out! 


  1. Such a lovely post! I'm currently holding a giveaway on my blog, it's not much but it'd be great if you could enter :)
    http://theperksofmeg.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/giveaway-thank-you-for-100-followers.html x

  2. Sure thing sweetie, i'll take a look!:) xx